With the spirit of non-stop exploration, Creative Biolabs has generated an all-round platform to provide TCR-like antibody services. Now, to keep pace with world-leading immunotherapy, we are proud to introduce our innovative TCR-like CAR vector products to our worldwide customers.

In the context of hematological malignancies, CAR-T cell therapy has been successfully applied in clinical practice. Although clinical trials of promising product candidates for CAR-T therapy are ongoing, the number of ideal tumor-specific targets is limited by the number of tumor-specific "cell surface" antigens that conventional monoclonal antibodies can target. In contrast, most potential tumor-specific antigens are displayed as antigenic peptides on the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and MHC class II molecules. These MHC-bound antigens are recognized by T cells with specific TCRs under physiological conditions. To target antigens that bind to MHC, it is necessary to enhance TCR affinity through amino acid substitution or develop new antibodies specific for peptide/MHC (pMHC) complexes. The latter are called TCR-like or TCR mimic antibodies and can be used to redirect T cells to the target antigen. Another alternative is to develop chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cells with TCR-like specificity, whose transmembrane and intracellular domains do not compete with endogenous TCR for the CD3 complex. This TCR-like CAR opens therapeutic avenues not only conserving the specificity and the functionality of the original TCR-like antibody but also performing T cell signaling for cellular functions.

Recently, Creative Biolabs has developed a variety of TCR-like CARs targeting tumor-associated epitopes in the MHC complex, including WT1, NY-ESO-1, PR1, α-fetoprotein, and gp100. These novel CAR proved that TCR-like antibodies can redirect T cells to kill cancer cells that express low pMHC density.

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All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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