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Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience to offer a full range of custom glycopeptide synthesis service to meet our customer’s every special requirement. We have provided thousands of clients with high-quality custom service of N-, O-, C-, and S-linked glycopeptide synthesis. We are confident to make sure that our service can assist global clients to attain their satisfied consequences in the shortest possible time.

Strategies of Glycopeptide Synthesis

Currently, there are three strategies for a glycopeptide synthesis with an oligosaccharide side chain. The first most common strategy utilizes solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) with pre-formed glycosyl amino acids. Because O-glycosidic and intersaccharidic linkages are relatively labile towards acid, so it is required to select proper protecting groups to block the functional groups on both the glycan and the peptide part. Besides, proper protecting groups are of importance for the solid-phase and solution-phase synthesis of glycopeptides. Furthermore, in order to synthesize glycopeptides with complex oligosaccharide side chains, the second strategy of glycopeptide chemical or chemoenzymatic synthesis has been developed. This method utilizes a glycosyl amino acid with a relatively simple saccharide side chain in the peptide assembly and then elaborate the glycopeptide chemically or chemoenzymatically to expand the glycan. The third strategy of glycopeptides synthesis is the direct peptide glycosylation. This method does not require the use of any glycosyl amino acids and attempts to reach the maximum convergence by establishing a complex glycodomain first and then incorporating it directly into a peptide setting.

Three general strategies for the synthesis of relatively short glycopeptides. Fig.1 Three general strategies for the synthesis of relatively short glycopeptides. (Liu, 2005)

Custom Glycopeptide Synthesis Services at Creative Biolabs

Experienced in the field of glycopeptide synthesis, Creative Biolabs is the leading commercial source of synthetic and well-defined glycopeptides containing monosaccharides or oligosaccharides. Glycans can be covalently attached to the hydroxyl oxygen of Ser or Thr (O-glycosylation), the amide nitrogen of Asn (N-glycosylation), and the indole C2 carbon of Trp through a C-C linkage (C-glycosylation). S-linked glycopeptides can also be synthesized using a convergent strategy.

We have offered our customers a large number of glycopeptide synthesis services, such as mucin and mucin-like fragments incorporating sialylation, hinge domain glycopeptides, N glycophorin A derivatives and antiproliferative factor. Our glycopeptide synthesis service can offer a unique frontier for research in glycobiology and proteomics as well as for drug discovery and development, drug delivery/targeting, diagnostics development and other biotechnological applications.


  • N-linked glycopeptide synthesis
  • O-linked glycopeptide synthesis
  • C-linked glycopeptide synthesis
  • S-linked glycopeptide synthesis
  • Glycopeptides containing monosaccharides, such as Ser/Thr (GlcNAc), Ser/Thr (GalNAc), Asn (GlcNAc), Ser (Xyl), Thr (Man), etc.
  • Glycopeptides containing oligosaccharides, such as Ser/Thr (Gal-GalNAc), Ser/Thr (Neu-Gal-GalNAc), Asn (Fuc-GlcNAc), etc.
  • Custom glycopeptide synthesis

Based on a variety of strategies, we are confident to offer the best glycopeptide synthesis services for customers all over the world with a competitive price. There is no doubt that our services will promote your project success in a shorter time. If you are interested in custom glycopeptide synthesis service, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detail information.


  1. Liu, L.; et al. Advances in glycoprotein synthesis. Cheminform. 2005, 37(1):21-33.
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