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To investigate and elucidate the functions of glycoconjugates, efficient methods for the conjugation of carbohydrates to biomolecules have been investigated. Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience in providing our clients with high-quality custom conjugation service, including conjugation of carbohydrates to proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, and other biomolecules.

Background of Carbohydrates Conjugation to Biomolecules

Carbohydrates are an extremely wide group of biomolecules consisting of numerous possible monomers and their linkages. Structural monomers can also be acetylated, phosphorylated or branched. Except for hydroxyl groups, carbohydrates often bear carboxyl groups, amino groups and many other reactive groups. The reaction of a carbonyl group with amine proceeds is also compatible with many functional groups present in biomolecules. Glycoconjugates such as glycoproteins, glycopeptides and glycolipids are ubiquitous in nature. They are found on cell surfaces and are responsible for processes such as cell-cell interaction, recognition and communication. Carbohydrates conjugation with proteins may achieve improved functions, such as solubility, thermal stability, emulsifying ability, and moreover, carbohydrate-protein conjugates play vital roles in both basic and applied research. Therefore, great efforts to develop efficient chemical methods for the conjugation of carbohydrates to biomolecules are of crucial importance.

Glycoconjugation Service

Custom Carbohydrates Conjugation Service at Creative Biolabs

Reductive amination remains one of the key methods for the direct conjugation of carbohydrates to the amino group of proteins especially from unprotected free mono- and oligosaccharides. Scientists at Creative Biolabs employ an improved procedure (addition of a kind of salt) for direct coupling of carbohydrates to proteins via reductive amination. The addition of salt in the reaction mixture can highly improve the conjugation efficiency, and this condition is compatible with microgram quantities of carbohydrate-protein conjugates for use in assays.

To assist our clients' specific objectives, we offer experimental design, protocol development and procedure for the preparation of conjugates as required. The prepared conjugation is quality controlled according to our in-house standards, which are tailored for individual assignments.

Our Glycoconjugate Service Portfolios Including but Not Limited to:

  • Conjugation of carbohydrate to proteins, including synthetic protein and natural protein
  • Conjugation of carbohydrate to peptides
  • Conjugation of carbohydrate to oligonucleotides
  • Conjugation of carbohydrate to antibodies
  • Conjugation of carbohydrate to drugs
  • Conjugation of carbohydrate to labels
  • Carbohydrate immobilization

Our professional technical scientists, comprehensive powerful platform, and extensive experience make Creative Biolabs a perfect partner to offer our clients high-quality custom carbohydrates conjugation services. We offer turn-key or a la carte services customized to our client’s needs. Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.

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