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Therapeutic glycoproteins have become the fastest growing fields in the pharmaceutical industry. With first-in-class technologies and experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed versatile glycoprotein production platforms. Based on these cutting-edge platforms, we can provide our worldwide clients with the largest and most diverse portfolio of standard or custom therapeutic glycoprotein services. As your best partner, Creative Biolabs is very glad to revolutionize your particular project and promote your success based on the values of quality, timing, and price.

Structure of glycan and glycoproteinFig.1 Structure of glycan and glycoprotein (Lyons, 2015).

Background of Therapeutic Glycoprotein

Therapeutic glycoprotein is a type of proteins that contain oligosaccharide chains (glycans) covalently attached to amino acid side-chains. Glycoproteins are generated by glycosylation, which is a very critical modification of therapeutic proteins, known to significantly modulate yield, bioactivity, solubility, stability against proteolysis, immunogenicity, and clearance rate from circulation. It is documented that all of the key molecules involved in the immune response are glycoproteins and many therapeutic proteins like vaccines, antibodies and enzymes require glycans to have full biological activity.

Production of Therapeutic Glycoprotein in Creative Biolabs

Global competition in glycoprotein production system has put immense pressure to shorten production time to market and optimize the production process.

Combining with perfusion technology, Creative Biolabs has developed versatile glycoprotein production platforms, which is more suitable for the production of defucosylated antibodies and fully human glycosylated proteins. We can provide a wide range of cells from various origins for therapeutic glycoproteins production, mainly include yeast cells, plant cells, and various mammalian cell lines. What's more, our advanced technology can overcome some serious shortcomings in the nonmammalian expression system. Our mammalian cells repertoire contains many kinds of mammalian cell lines, such as Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells, baby hamster kidney (BHK) cells, human fibrosarcoma cells, human embryonic kidney (Hek293) cells, and human HT-1080 cells, from which you can always find a better match for your project.

In addition, we improve the cell culture media for our glycoprotein production cells. Serum is essential for cell culture in vitro, but it is expensive and exists a high risk of adventitious agents. To substitute for serum in cell cultures, some adventitious agents such as albumin, transferrin, and insulin have been used for glycosylated proteins production. Our serum-free media (SFM) with no animal-derived components has become an industry standard and is preferred for large-scale production with low cost. The proprietary cell culture media can support the growth of most industrially relevant cell lines with high cell densities (>10 million cells/mL) and specific growth rates.

Glycosylation pathway in a CHO cell line Fig.2 Glycosylation pathway in a CHO cell line (Hossler, 2009).

Proprietary Cell Lines in Creative Biolabs

The specific human cell lines are generated by glycoengineering, which are more productive and cost-effective.

  • HighSialo-Cell line: It is used for the production of biopharmaceuticals with high sialylation and high core fucosylation.
  • Sialo-Cell line: It is used for the production of biopharmaceuticals with gradual adjustment of the sialylation degree.
  • Fuco-Cell line: It is used for the production of biopharmaceuticals with gradual adjustment of the fucosylation degree.

Advantages of our Therapeutic Glycoprotein Development Platforms

Based on our platform, we can produce a variety of glycosylated biopharmaceuticals and optimize the glycosylation to improve activity and/or other properties like bioavailability, stability, and/or immunogenicity for better clinical performance.

  • Consistency (minimized batch-to-batch variations)
  • High efficiency (homogenous, stable and fully human glycosylated biomolecules)
  • Low-cost with stable protein quality and high yield
  • Cost effective for large-scale production
  • Best after-sale service

Applications of Our Cutting-edge Platforms

  • Hormones (e.g., follicle-stimulating hormone, FSH)
  • Different antibodies subtypes (IgG, IgM, IgA, etc.)
  • Bispecific and defucosylated antibodies
  • Blood factors
  • Enzymes
  • Glycosylated proteins that are difficult-to-express
  • Fusion proteins with extended serum half-life

In addition, our advanced platform based on proprietary glycoengineered human cell lines is also beneficial for the optimization of glycosylation, which may avoid severe immunogenic reactions.

Let’s Work Together to Fulfil Your Glycoprotein Project

Creative Biolabs has successfully completed a lot of therapeutic glycoprotein projects. It is exciting to offer our off-the-shelf product portfolio and services to help you get landmark development. We can customize our offering to meet your specific project needs. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


  1. Lyons, J.J.; et al. Glycans instructing immunity: the emerging role of altered glycosylation in clinical immunology. Front Pediatr. 2015, 3:54.
  2. Hossler, P.; et al. Optimal and consistent protein glycosylation in mammalian cell culture. Glycobiology. 2009, 19(9):936-49.
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