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To create derivatives with determined/adapted properties of glycan, more and more researchers pay attention to glycan modification and labeling. As a leading global company, Creative Biolabs has developed a cutting-edge platform with advanced technologies and experienced scientists specialized in the study of carbohydrates. Based on this platform, we are capable of providing high-quality glycan modification and labeling services to meet our global customers' every specific demand.

Glycan Modification and Labeling

Glycans have many highly reactive groups (acetamido, amino, carboxyl, and hydroxyl groups) that can be exploited in various functionalization pathways. In particular, they are characterized by high hydrophilicity due to the presence of many hydroxyl groups on their structure. Due to their diversity of structures and their properties, glycan constitutes interesting renewable sources that can be used as high-performance material. Most of them are biologically inert, safe for humans, and abundantly available in the natural environment. They have several other advantages such as low costs, biodegradability in the ecosystem, renewability, polyfunctionality, chemical reactivity, chelating and absorptive capacities in the treatment of wastewater. Environmental concerns and sustainability have become key issues today. In this context, there is an increased interest in the industrial use of renewable resources such as starch, chitosan, cellulose, and pectin. Efforts are made in the research and the development of glycan derivatives as basic materials for new applications based on new and/or improved properties of these biopolymers. Over the years, many chemical reactions such as biotinylation, sulfation, PEGylation, phosphorylation, acetylation, have been performed involving the free carboxyl, amino or hydroxyl groups distributed along the polysaccharide backbone aiming to create derivatives with determined/adapted properties.

Summary of the different modifications applied to chitosan, cellulose, pectin, and starch.Fig.1 Summary of the different modifications applied to chitosan, cellulose, pectin, and starch. (Karaki, 2016)

Glycan Modification and Labeling Services at Creative Biolabs

As an industry-leading global company, Creative Biolabs has established a comprehensive platform with advanced technologies and high-level scientific research team specialized in glycan modification and labeling. Our Ph.D. level scientists offer tailored experimental schemes for global customers according to their specific study purpose. Our platform provides various types of glycan modification and labeling services including but not limited to fluorescence labeling, biotinylation, PEGylation, isotope labeling, sulfate modification, phosphorylation modification, acetylation modification, and berberine labeling research.

Advantages of Our Service Including but Not Limited to:

  • Professional: Creative Biolabs owns experienced scientists specialized in glycan modification and labeling.
  • Reliable: Creative Biolabs has established advanced technology platforms and accomplished hundreds of projects.
  • Customers-first: Creative Biolabs provides efficient, accurate, and cost-efficient services.

As a leading global CRO company, Creative Biolabs is committed to providing high-quality glycan modification and labeling services to researchers around the world. We are more than happy to share our experience and help our customers with this extremely important step in glycan related research. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


  1. Karaki, N.; et al. Enzymatic modification of polysaccharides: Mechanisms, properties, and potential applications: A review. Enzyme and Microbial Technology. 2016, 90: 1-8.
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