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With extensive experience and PEGylation technical specialists, Creative Biolabs is capable of offering top-quality carbohydrate PEGylation service. We are proficient in applying various advanced technologies to deal with different situations. No matter what requirement your research needs, we are confident in finding a reasonable plan for you.

Introduction of PEGylation

The advantage of PEGylation is that it leads to retention and enhancement of favorable properties of protein therapeutics without loss of function. Chemical, molecular, and structural properties of polyethylene glycol (PEG), as well as their conformational behavior in aqueous solutions, govern the pharmacological disposition of PEGs and PEGylated products in physiological compartments. PEG molecules can vary in size and shape, thereby providing options to modulate pharmacological output for different drug therapies. The advantage of PEGylation of glycan structures attached to proteins is the possibility to restrict the reaction to the glycosylated site affording a product with the benefits that PEGylation can impart without the loss of activity due to random multistep PEGylation of proteins.

Types of PEG utilized for derivatization of drugs and peptides.Fig.1 Types of PEG utilized for derivatization of drugs and peptides. (Giorgi, 2014)

Importance of PEGylation in Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates have now been reported playing important roles in viral infections. Thus researchers are eager to study whether carbohydrates could be applied as candidates in chemotherapy. PEGylation of carbohydrates has shown improvement of some properties, such as bioavailability of drugs, in particular enzyme inhibitors, or the creation of polymers with encapsulating properties for drugs. As reported, the introduction of a PEGylated sialic acid to a preexisting or enzymatically linked glycan in a protein can be accomplished by glycoPEGylation.

GlycoPEGylation by sequential in vitro, enzyme-mediated, O-glycosylation followed by transfer of PEGylated sialic acid, adapted from.Fig.2 GlycoPEGylation by sequential in vitro, enzyme-mediated, O-glycosylation followed by transfer of PEGylated sialic acid, adapted from. (Giorgi, 2014)

Carbohydrate PEGylation Service at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has experienced technical experts specialized in PEGylation and carbohydrate research. We have established cutting-edge platforms with advanced technologies and the latest methods to meet our global researchers' detailed requirements. Our Ph.D. level scientists will tailor appropriate schemes to facilitate your research and project development.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Professional: Years of technical experience in carbohydrate PEGylation.
  • Efficient: Custom precise solution and skilled technical service.
  • Customer-first: Cost-effective and perfect after-sales service.

Creative Biolabs is a forward-looking company that has extensive experience in carbohydrate PEGylation. The team of experts makes us capable of dealing with any problems for customers in carbohydrate PEGylation. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


  1. Giorgi, M. E.; et al. Carbohydrate PEGylation, an approach to improve pharmacological potency. Beilstein J Org Chem. 2014, 10: 1433-44.
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