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Therapeutic Glycoprotein Development and Analysis

With first-in-class technologies and experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed versatile glycoprotein production and analysis platforms. Based on these cutting-edge platforms, we can provide our worldwide clients with the largest and most diverse portfolio of standard or custom therapeutic glycoprotein production and analysis services.

  • Custom synthesis

    We provide a full range of custom synthesis services, including glycans synthesis, glycopeptide synthesis and glycoprotein synthesis, with the highest quality and the most competitive price for global clients.

  • Therapeutic Glycoprotein Development

    We have developed versatile glycoprotein production platforms to produce a variety of glycosylated biopharmaceuticals and optimize the glycosylation to improve activity and/or other properties like bioavailability, stability, and/or immunogenicity for better clinical performance.

  • Glycoprotein Analysis

    We provide a series of technologies for glycoprotein analysis, including but not limited to lectin microarray, mass spectrometry (MS), liquid chromatography (LC) technology, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), to analyze glycoprotein structure, perform glycoprotein detection and test glycoprotein quantification.

  • Cell Line Glycoengineering

    We have successfully developed several efficient strategies including knockdown, overexpression and knockout/knockin by precision genome editing to provide a series of cell line glycoengineering services.

  • Anti-Glycoprotein Antibody Development

    Several cutting-edge antibody discovery technologies, including phage display technology, hybridoma technology, and antigen-specific B lymphocytes sorting technology, are employed on our Anti-GlyTM platform for anti-glycoprotein antibody development.