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MALDI-TOF MS is one of the most popular techniques for glycan analysis due to its excellent speed, low sample consumption, soft ionization, high throughput, and automation potential. Based on this method, Creative Biolabs is able to offer a wide range of glycoprotein analysis services for customers all over the world with high quality and affordable cost.

Glycoproteins Analysis Based on MALDI-TOF MS

MALDI-TOF MS is a mass spectrometry technique that has been applied for many years in biopharmaceutical glycoanalysis. The new generation MALDI mass spectrometers can accurately determine the mass of proteins, peptides, and glycans, and segment these substances to obtain protein or polypeptide sequence data. MALDI is a soft ionization method that is developed for the ionisation of relatively large polypeptides and proteins, but its application has been expanded to glycoproteins, oligonucleotides, and complex carbohydrates. One of the advantages of MALDI-TOF MS is that the process of soft ionization causes almost no fragmentation of the analytes, and the molecular ions of the analytes can be identified even in the mixture. Consequently, MALDI-TOF MS is the pre-eminent technique for screening complex mixtures of glycans from biological extracts, thereby revealing the types of glycans present. Furthermore, other main advantages of MALDI-TOF MS technique include its excellent speed, low sample consumption, high throughput, and automation potential. Due to its speed and low consumption of sample, MALDI-TOF MS has been applied for oligosaccharide sequencing via exoglycosidase digestion, providing the information about anomericity of glycosidic linkages. For native glycans, detailed structural information can be achieved based on MALDI-MS/MS technique.

The principle of MALDI-TOF MS. Fig. 1 The principle of MALDI-TOF MS (Pusch, 2003).

MALDI-TOF MS Analysis Services in Creative Biolabs

With the years of experience in glycoprotein analysis, Creative Biolabs has established a sensitive and high-throughput MALDI-TOF MS technique that is applied for analysis of types of glycans and structure of glycans. Based on MALDI-TOF MS technique, complex mixtures of glycans can be screened and separated from biological sample. This technology can also be used for oligosaccharide sequencing via exoglycosidase digestion and provide the information about anomericity of glycosidic linkages and identify the types of glycans. Due to its rapid speed, low sample consumption, and high throughput, MALDI-TOF MS has become a popular technique for glycans analysis.

Features of Our Services

  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Sensitive and high-flux technique platforms
  • High quality and low-cost services
  • Comprehensive technical guidance
  • Accurate and comprehensive analysis data

Creative Biolabs is a world-leading service provider for glycoprotein analysis. Our professional team has engaged in the research of glycoprotein analysis for many years. We are very confident in offering a wide range of glycoprotein analysis services for global customers. Our analysis service items include Glycan Profiling, Glycomic Profiling, Glycosylation site mapping, and Glycan Sequencing. Besides, we provide custom service to meet all the clients’ special requirements. If you are interested in our MALDI-TOF MS analysis services, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.


  1. Pusch, W.; et al. Mass spectrometry-based clinical proteomics. Pharmacogenomics. 2003. 4(4):463-476.
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