Glycoprotein synthesis is a complicated process because this process is no-template synthesis and glycan inherent structure is complex. Creative Biolabs has rich experience in glycoprotein synthesis and we are confident to provide a full range of high-quality custom glycoprotein synthesis services with affordable price for global customers.

Background of Glycoprotein Synthesis

Glycoprotein is formed by a covalent linkage between glycans and proteins. Glycoprotein synthesis is a very complicated process due to the inherent complexity of the glycan structure. Oligosaccharides attached to proteins consist of highly branched biopolymers. They attach to the peptide backbone mainly through the amide nitrogen of asparagine (N-linked) or the oxygen on serine or threonine (O-linked). Besides, there is no biological template for oligosaccharides, unlike peptides and nucleic acids. During the process of homogeneous glycoproteins synthesis, there are three major problems should be considered: 1) homogeneous glycans obtaining; 2) production of the protein backbone; 3) linkage between glycan and protein backbone. In order to address these problems, a number of methods have been developed over the past years, including both chemical and enzymatic approaches such as native chemical ligation, bacterial oligosaccharyltransferase, glycoprotein remodeling, and in vivo suppressor tRNA technology.

Methods developed for the synthesis of homogeneous glycoproteins: (1) glycopeptide ligation; (2) glycoprotein remodeling; and (3) in vivo suppressor tRNA technology. Fig.1 Methods developed for the synthesis of homogeneous glycoproteins: (1) glycopeptide ligation; (2) glycoprotein remodeling; and (3) in vivo suppressor tRNA technology (Liu, 2005).

Custom Glycoprotein Synthesis Services

Creative Biolabs is a world-leading service provider of custom synthesis including custom glycoprotein synthesis. Our professional technical staff has extensive experience in the field of glycoprotein synthesis. Over the past years, our specialists have developed a highly specialized platform as well as various comprehensive and innovative protocols for glycoprotein synthesis to meet our client's requirements.

Features of Our Services

  • High-quality service - we make a promise to provide a comprehensive custom synthesis service from the project receiving to the end.
  • Professional technical team - our experts have extensively specialized in the field of glycoprotein synthesis.
  • Rapid and effective solutions - professional technical team keeps track of project progress and give guidance in real-time.

We proudly offer the most comprehensive custom glycoprotein synthesis services to global customers and our professional services have assisted a lot of customers to overcome multiple challenges in custom synthesis. Especially, we accurately provide custom synthesis services to meet the customer’s detailed and special demands. We make sure that our high-quality services will make your project success. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Liu, L.; et al. Advances in glycoprotein synthesis. Cheminform. 2005, 37(1):21-33.

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