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Creative Biolabs is an industry-leading CRO company that has years of experience in offering fluorescence labeling services. With the latest technologies as well as a team of Ph.D. level scientists specialized in protein and glycan modification, our team has accomplished many fluorescence labeling projects for customers all over the world.

Introduction of Fluorescence Labeling

Fluorescence-based assays are crucial experimental tools that allow the detailed dissection of molecular mechanisms. The assays can be performed in real-time, in solution, with high-time resolution and sensitivity down to single molecules. Fluorogenic labeling is a general concept for imaging biomolecules with high contrast in living systems, with great potential for pushing the limit of biological imaging. Fluorogenic bioorthogonal labeling methods provide an additional level of labeling sophistication as the fluorescence labeling can be controlled at will by the addition of a synthetic bioorthogonal molecule, opening great prospects for on-demand applications. This has allowed the measurement of molecular interactions, enzymatic activity, conformation changes, localization, and the ability to see the individual proteins moving in real-time.

Boronic acids for fluorescence imaging of carbohydrates.Fig.1 Boronic acids for fluorescence imaging of carbohydrates. (Sun, 2016)

Fluorescence Labeling of Carbohydrate

Fluorescent labeling has found extremely broad applications, particularly in the areas of protein and nucleic acids due to the high sensitivity and easy to work with compared with radiolabeling. In this respect, various techniques based on behaviors of fluorophores have been developed. Contrary to proteins and nucleic acids, fluorescent labeling of carbohydrates has been much less studied, probably due to several factors. Compared with proteins and nucleic acids, carbohydrate structures are much more complex, leading to challenges in labeling in a site-specific manner. The structural complexity of glycans poses challenges in many aspects. However, it also provides opportunities to explore these moieties in a wide range of applications. In applications such as ion sensing and as scaffolds for functional materials. Glycans can be explored as structural scaffolds for fluorescent characterization of lectins and carbohydrate-binding proteins, and potentially in the detection of whole organisms. They will also find utility in functional materials, such as fluorescent sensing of specific analytes.

Fluorescence Labeling Services at Creative Biolabs

As an industry-leading CRO company, Creative Biolabs has developed an advanced technology platform to offer the most comprehensive modification and labeling service. We have perfected our technical pipelines to offer high-quality fluorescence labeling services to meet every specific requirement of our global clients.

In addition to conventional fluorescent labeling services for proteins and nucleic acids, we are also experienced in fluorescent labeling services for glycans, including boronic acid-based fluorescent detection of carbohydrates, in situ visualization fluorescent labeling of carbohydrates, and fluorescent labeling of glycolipids.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Comprehensive technical platform
  • Professional expert team
  • High-quality after-sales service

Creative Biolabs is a leading global CRO company that has accumulated extensive experience in fluorescence labeling. With experienced experts and hundreds of successful projects, we are confident in providing high-quality fluorescence labeling services to satisfy each specific demands of our customers. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


  1. Sun, X.; et al. Boronic acids for fluorescence imaging of carbohydrates. Chemical Communications. 2016, 52(17): 3456-69.
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