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Cancer Vaccine Quantity and Stability Testing

Cancer Vaccine Quantity and Stability Testing

Vaccines are playing an increasingly important role in disease prevention. It is common knowledge that biological agents are unstable in the storage process, which will reduce the safety and effectiveness of biomedical products. With vaccine identity testing, vaccine purity testing, and vaccine microbial testing, Creative Biolabs also perform vaccine stability testing in accordance with the WHO specification on vaccine stability, which is adopted by the Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (ECBS), we are committed to proving that vaccine product with obvious merits such as acceptable quality, efficacy, and safety under certain storage conditions.

Our Strategies to Test the Stability of Cancer Vaccines

  • One-stop vaccine service

Creative Biolabs not only provides a general vaccine stability assessment but also offers one-stop stability assessment services for vaccine production and subsequent use.

  • Cold chain technology

Our vaccine cold chain technology can effectively reduce the sensitivity of vaccines to environmental temperature.

  • Customized vaccine service

We provide customized design services for vaccine research according to the needs of customers.

  • Statistical chart

In the data analysis, we offer scientific statistical methods, that is, testing a certain index at different points in a period of time, evaluating the final results statistically, conducting the average calculation and data analysis.

Stability Testing Package

Proteins and other macromolecules are sensitive to heat, light, radiation, environmental changes, or may interact with container materials or other components of a vaccine mixture. Therefore, identifying their relationships and optimizing stability from production to administration to patient are extremely significant and meaningful for vaccine development. Even under the most ideal conditions, its effectiveness may gradually weaken with the passage of time since production.

We offer a variety of analytical techniques for stability testing:

  • LC-MS/MS
  • Aggregation analysis
  • Higher order structure characterisation
  • Western blot
  • Isoelectric focusing
  • Capillary electrophoresis (CE)
  • Liquid chromatographic patterns
  • Immunochemistry techniques
  • cGMP cell-based Bioassays
  • Spectroscopic profiles
  • Total protein quantification
  • Carbohydrate and glycosylation studies
  • Post-translational modifications (PTM)

Highlight Features of Our Services

  • Own experienced scientists and skilled technicians serve for you
  • With an advanced technology platform to provide one-stop service
  • High-quality after-sales service

Creative Biolabs has high-quality vaccine production management norms, production workshops, and strict biosafety equipment, as well as relevant research support services. We are committed to providing you with satisfactory vaccine stability detection technology.

Please feel free to contact us and get more detailed information.

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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