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MHC-associated Peptide Proteomics (MAPPS) Assay

As a leading service provider in the field of antibody discovery and immunotherapy for years, Creative Biolabs can provide customers MHC-associated peptide proteomics (MAPPS) service to discover TCR-like antibodies in a de novo manner. This is a new method that can let you directly identify the peptides which are presented by antigen-presenting cells to T cells.


The combination of MHC and target protein is the foundation of our MAPPS assay. There are two methods of the combining, but both of them function by a similar sequence. Therefore, MHC alleles may show different epitopes to the same antigen molecule, resulting in different response intensity. This is actually the key mechanism by which MHC participates in and regulates immune responses with its polymorphism. The recognition of antigenic peptides by MHC is not in a strict biunique relationship, which means a type of MHCs can recognize a group of peptides with specific common motifs. At least four HLA class I molecules have been identified now. Antigen peptides that can be recognized and presented by one HLA molecule can also be found by other molecules of the family. This character supports the use of peptide vaccines or T-cell vaccines for immunotherapy.

Introduction of MAPPS Assay

Our MAPPS assay works efficiently with a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks. Firstly, antigen-presenting cells can figure out the protein and process/present peptide fragments existed in MHC molecules on the cell surface. Then, cells will be lyzed and HLA-peptide molecules will be recovered in an immune affinity step. Finally, peptides will be separated from the HLA molecules and be analyzed by LC-MS/MS. In this process, we are capable of identifying sequences after subjecting to rigorous analysis to identify true positive peptides with high confidence. Our MAPPS assay can accurately figure out which epitopes from your biotherapeutic drug or other interested protein are presented by HLA molecules to T cells. It will provide you all the necessary information and give you a comparison of data from a set of donor samples to help understand and manage further research. The assay is compatible with fully formulated biologics and can be used to compare different proteins or different formulations of the same protein for an alteration in the pattern of presented epitopes.

Difference between two kinds of MHC proteins.

Fig 1. Difference between two kinds of MHC proteins.

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Creative Biolabs has been a leader in the field of immunotherapy with great reputation. We keep cooperation with a large number of customers around the world, providing them timely assistance to complete each project successfully. It is our goal to facilitate your projects and boost the progress to clinical trials with the help of our advanced technologies, platforms, and resources. For more detail information, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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