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Preclinical Pharmacology for Cancer Vaccine

Preclinical-Pharmacology-for-Cancer-VaccineCancer vaccines are pharmaceuticals designed to eliminate cancer cells by inducing an immune response, which can via either increasing antibody production or specific immune cell responses. Over time, vaccines have evolved from traditional antigen-based vaccines to cell-based vaccines and gene therapy-based vaccines. Creative Biolabs provides pre-clinical pharmacological services with scientific consideration of properties of cancer vaccines and their predictive clinical use.

"Challenge, Change, Chance and Cheers"

Creative Biolabs supported the pre-clinical development of the following vaccines for decades with our unique range of products and professional services. Please visit here to find specific cancer vaccines.

Tumor Vaccines Under Development
Conventional Antigen-based vaccines (Ag) Cell-based vaccines Gene therapy-based vaccines
  • Purified Ag;
  • Synthetic peptides;
  • Conjugated Ag;
  • Tumor cell lysates.
  • Manipulated tumor cells;
  • Activated peripheral blood or BM-derived lymphocytes;
  • DCs or other APCs [modified (i.e. cell fusion);
  • Gene-modified tumor cells;
  • Cells engineered to express cytokines, growth factors, or tumor Ags.
  • Plasmid;
  • Human tropic viruses (adenovirus);
  • Retroviral based vaccine vectors;
  • Non-human tropic-based vaccine vectors (flowlpox);
  • Bacterial based vectors (Listeria sp.)

Pre-clinical Pharmacology Services for Vaccine

Creative Biolabs offers a wide range of modification services to optimize your candidate vaccines including adjuvants, immunomodulation, combination with conventional chemotherapy, formulations (liposomes), routes of administration (site and delivery device). We offer specific pharmacology studies in animal models to monitor specific biomarkers or endpoints via in vivo immunogenicity studies, challenge and protection studies, and testing of novel adjuvants and antigen delivery vectors. Our regulatory experts will ensure global regulations on quality and compliance are met, which can pave the way to market. Please visit the following buttons to learn how we can be involved in your pre-clinical pharmacology services.

Various Bioactivity Endpoints

To support tumor vaccine development, we established a full range of assays to evaluate various bioactivity endpoints including:

  Various Bioactivity Endpoints
  • MHC-peptide tetramer assays (Ag-specific T subsets);
  • ELISPOT to assess T cell subsets, cytokine profiles (γ-IFN production);
  • Antibody titers (humoral response);
  • Quantitative RT-PCR assays;
  • TCR dysfunction (α-CD3 stimulation of T cells, TCRζ chain expression);
  • Limiting dilution assays (Ag-specific CD8, 51Cr release, thymidine incorporation);
  • Cytokine flow cytometry;
  • Immune modulation assays;
  • Cytotoxicity assays.

Pre-clinical Model for Proof-of-Concept

We also provide ‘Proof-of-Concept’ models to understand the hypothetical mechanism of treatment and demonstrate “proof-of-efficacy” in an appropriate pre-clinical model.

  Various Bioactivity Endpoints
  • Tumor cell survival (cell lines and clonogenic assays)
  • Human tumor xenograft murine models
  • Metastasis models
  • Transgenic and knockout murine models
  • Carcinogen-induced tumor models
  • Transplantable syngeneic rodent tumors

Our scientific, technical and regulatory experts provide the right expertise early in the pre-clinical development process to boost productivity, efficiency, and profitability and help our vaccine developers obtain the safest and most effective clinical vaccines. Creative Biolabs’ unique combination of expertise in cancer immunology and preclinical pharmacology makes us an ideal partner to support your vaccine research. Please contact us to know more.

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