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Second Generation of CARs Design

Besides the first generation Chimeric antigen receptor (CARs), Creative Biolabs also constructs CellRapeutics™ second generation CARs products with high quality. Our skilled scientists have rich experience in constructing CARs of different generations, which offers you the world leading service.

Second Generation of CARs Design

Sjoukje J. C. van der Stegen, Mohamad Hamieh & Michel Sadelain. The pharmacology of second-generation chimeric antigen receptors. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 14, 499–509 (2015)

Second-generation CARs architecture comprises an antigen binding domain, a hinge or spacer region, a transmembrane domain (TM) and an endodomain. The antigen binding domain is usually derived from a single-chain variable fragment (scFv) which recognizes and binds tumor specific antigens. The hinge domain links the antigen binding domain with TM. It provides sufficient flexibility to facilitate antigen binding. The application of a hinge in CARs is depended on the type of the antigen. With our extensive experience, we can design an appropriate hinge within CARs to achieve an optimal T cell response.

The first generation CARs has only one endodomain (intracellular signaling region) like CD3ζ. It is designed to activate T cell and induce cytolysis. However, it cannot perform a long term response. To overcome this, the second generation CARs which consist of the activating and the co-stimulatory signal domains are designed. Compared to the former generation, this generation CARs compose a single costimulatory region derived from either CD28 or 4-1BB in addition to CD3ζ. In preclinical and early clinical investigations, the second generation CARs have performed more prolonged polyclonal expansion and antitumor effect.

With advanced techniques and seasoned scientists, Creative Biolabs can offer full line of CARs products targeting many malignant tumor antigens. We provide the first-class service which is tailored to meet your needs and goals.

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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