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T Cell Trafficking Test

Based on the outstanding expertise and rich experience, Creative Biolabs has specially developed a system approach of TCR generation and optimization for TCR development.

Although T cells have the capacity to eradicate diseased cells, tumors still present considerable challenges that render T cells ineffectual. Cancer cells often make themselves almost ‘invisible’ to the immune system, and they sculpt a microenvironment that suppresses T cell activity, survival and migration. Genetic engineering of T cells can be used therapeutically to overcome these challenges. Cancer-targeted adoptive T cell therapy with genetically engineered α and β T cell receptors (TCRs) has resulted in encouraging responses in some patients. Broadening this approach to a large array of malignancies requires targeting more widely expressed tumor-associated antigens (TAAs).

Naïve T cells are migratory cells that continuously recirculate between blood and lymphoid tissues. Antigen-specific stimulation of T cells within the lymph nodes reprograms the trafficking properties of T cells by inducing a specific set of adhesion molecules and chemokine receptors on their surface which allow these activated and effector T cells to effectively and specifically home to extra lymphoid organs. The observations of organ-specific homing of T cells initiate the development of therapeutic strategies targeting adhesion receptors for organ-specific inhibition of chronic inflammation. As most adhesion receptors have additional immune functions besides mediating leukocyte trafficking, these drugs may have additional immunomodulatory effects. Creative Biolabs provides a preclinical in vivo approach to directly visualize the therapeutic efficacy of TCR in inhibiting T cell homing to a certain organ.

T Cell Trafficking Between Compartments

Fig.1 T Cell Trafficking Between Compartments

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