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TCR Clonality Quantitation and CDR3 Size Diversity Technology

Creative Biolabs, specialized in T-cell receptor (TCR) engineering and analysis, now offers a tailor-made solution to assist customers in performing the assessment of TCR clonality quantitation and CDR3 size diversity.

TCR clonality quantitation and CDR3 size diversity technology

T-cells are a subset of lymphocytes that are the primary mediators of cellular immunity in humans and animals. TCR is a complex of integral membrane proteins that participate in the activation of T lymphocytes in response to an antigen. TCRs, containing α-chain and β-chain, are encoded by multiple gene segments that rearrange during T-cell development and generate most of the antigen receptor diversity. For example, the human TCR β-chain gene complex includes at least 57 variable (V) gene segments, 2 diversity gene segments, 13 joining gene segments, and 2 consistent gene segments which group into 24. Both the TCR α-chain and β-chain have three hypervariable or complementarity determining regions (CDRs) and the CDR3 is the main CDR responsible for recognizing processed antigen, the diversity of which in TCR Vβ is a consequence of different V, D, J recombinations. Determination of TCR repertoire diversity (clonality) within CDR3 region can serve as a tool to study varieties of diseases related to immune-mediated disorders ,such as autoimmune diseases, cancers, immunization of vaccine and bone marrow transplantation. In addition, molecular analysis of TCR repertoire clonality within CDR3 region can be used as a monitoring tool in tracking curative effects of antiviral or anti-tumor treatments. Multiple molecular analysis technologies of Creative Biolabs has been elaborately integrated for providing customers an expecting analytical platform of TCR clonality quantitation and CDR3 size diversity. Our TCR clonality quantitation and CDR3 size diversity detection service including 22 classes of the Vα or Vβ T-cell receptor repertoire in mouse and 30 classes of Vα or Vβ repertoire in human. The whole platform of this service ranges from RNA purification, nested PCR, gene scanning technology service, statistical and quantitative analysis to CDR3 domain sequencing. Utilizing sophisticated analysis tools, we can guarantee you our data collection and analysis is rapid and accurate. Furthermore, the samples such as cell pellets, total RNA, cDNA, even whole blood are all acceptable. Creative Biolabs can design appropriate and detailed procedures according to your specific requirements.

Our sensitive and quantitative assessment can reveal any tiny differences in the diversity of human and mouse TCR Vα and Vβ repertoire.

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