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TCR Generated from In Vivo System

Creative Biolabs has developed a novel T cell-based cancer immunotherapy system intended to directly help our clients with their projects including biomarker selection, TCR generation, TCR design and construction, TCR gene packaging and delivery, TCR preclinical test. We are leveraging our TCR development platform for rapid and high-quality identification of TCRs candidates.

On the way of cancer immunological therapy, altering the specificity of T cell receptor is one of the popular strategies to genetically modify T cells to enhance the tumor-killing activity of T cells. The first step in TCR gene therapy is to isolate a high-affinity T-cell clone for a defined target antigen. However, the isolation of these rare tumor-reactive T cell clones is often the rate-limiting step in this procedure and these clones often have low affinity for the target antigen. The majority of identified tumor-associated antigens are also expressed at low levels in normal tissues and mechanisms of tolerance induction are likely to affect the quality of T cell responses to such antigens. Until now, several approaches have been used to generate TCRs that are specific for other antigens that are expressed by a wider variety of tumor cell types.

One of them is to use T cells from transgenic mice that express human MHC. By the use of this method, TCR transgenic model is developed by Creative Biolabs to determine the magnitude of T cell tolerance to tumor-associated antigen. T cells are incubated with tumor cells from the patient and TCR genes are cloned from T cells that react to the tumor cells so that high-affinity TCRs for the target antigen are generated.

TCR Generated from In Vivo System

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