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TCR Repertoire Sequencing

Creative Biolabs offer TCR repertoire sequencing services. With our powerful denovo TCR (T-cell Receptor) sequencing service, we can sequence different types of TCRs with 100% coverage of V (D) JC regions and >90% accuracy.

TCR repertoire sequencing

Figure: TCR-β VDJ gene recombination resulting in TCR diversity. (Genome Med, 2013)

TCRs, as the hypervariable and important immune molecules, drive specific immune response of T cells. TCR on about 95% of human T cells consists of a α/β chain, the others consist of γ/δ chains. Usually two or more TCRs recognize their antigen at the same time, which can significantly enhance the binding avidity and reduce the degeneration of complexes. The antigen specificity of TCR is determined by the complementarity-determining regions of the receptor chain. The diverse TCRs on all T cells in the circulatory system contribute to the TCR repertoire. Accodingly, TCR diversity assay is important for understanding adaptive immunity and its function in diseases.

Generally, to generate a functional TCR involves recombination of variable (Vβ), diversity (Dβ) and joining (Jβ) genes accompanied by deletion of genome encoded as well as insertion of random nucleotides. Theoretically, there are over 2.5 × 107 TCRs in the periphery. TCR repertoires are formed by a complex sequence of genomic events and the selection of cell-, organ- level. They involved broadly in immune systems of almost all human health and disease, they have been showed to affect a wide range of diseases such as infectious diseases and malignancy, autoimmune disorders. Characterizing TCR repertoires and acquiring knowledge on TCR amino acid sequence enable tracking of antigen-specific T cell clones in whole blood and peripheral tissues which facilitates monitor T cell immunity and contributes to diagnosis and targeted therapy of T cell-related disorders. Next generation sequencing (NGS)-based platform has be used for the highly quantitative clonotype characterization of T cells. And simply speaking, TCR sequencing consists of PCR amplification and sequencing of the CDR3 region. High-throughput technologies for TCR repertoire sequencing provide new view of cellular immunology.

Creative Biolabs has successfully solved a great amount of antibodies or TCRs sequencing projects for our customers all over the world.


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