Virus Based Transfection

Based on the outstanding expertise and rich experience, Creative Biolabs offer our clients chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) production service with the highest quality. Particularly, viral transfection is our featured service which is reliable and economical.

In the using of our viral transfection service process, viral gene transfer vectors play a significant role. The major advantages of viral vectors are relative ease of manufacture and production. The capacity to stably integrate genetic material into the host genome. More than that, relied on the advanced expertise and technologies, the process of viral transfection was optimized by Creative Biolabs to ensure replication incompetence, low genotoxicity, and low immunogenicity.

Gamma Retroviral Vectors

Gamma-retrovirus (simple retrovirus, retroviral, MLV) transduction is one of the mainstays of current gene therapy approaches, which contains a reverse transcriptase to enable the integration of artificial genes into the host genome in a stable status. To generate a vector, the gamma retroviral coding sequences are replaced by a transgene of interest. With their intrinsic ability to integrate close to cellular gene promoters, gamma retroviral vectors carry can innate ability to perturb the genomic region and result in neoplastic transformation. Therefore, gamma retroviral vectors are used in gene therapy applications.

Lentiviral Vectors

Lentiviral vectors derived from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) are major tools for gene delivery in mammalian cells. Structurally, lentivirus vectors are similar to their gamma retroviral counterparts. The essential viral genes are replaced with a transgene of interest and the viral genome is stably integrated into the host cell. The advantageous feature of lentivirus vectors is the ability to mediate potent transduction and stable expression into dividing and non-dividing cells both in vitro and in vivo. More than that, lentiviral vectors can improve the specificity, efficacy, and safety.

CAR-T Cell Viral Transfection Approaches Fig.1 CAR-T Cell Viral Transfection Approaches

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