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Citations Database

Since our inception in 2004, Creative Biolabs has become the leading expert in TCR and CAR-T&NK cell immune therapy development, as we offer the one-stop custom services and products that cover the entire new drug development pipeline. Our services and products have been used extensively by scientists all over the world to accelerate their life science research. Here, we present a collection of representative citations.

For your convenience, we have grouped these patents & articles into the following categories:

SECTION 1: CAR-T/CAR-NK Cell Development Services[Top]

Creative Biolabs offers high-quality custom service covering the entire CAR-T/CAR-NK therapy development process to best suit your technical, program and budget requirements which can greatly assist your research, preclinical investigation and clinical stage development.

  • Zhang, Fan, et al. "Nanoparticles that reshape the tumor milieu create a therapeutic window for effective t-cell therapy in solid malignancies." Cancer research 78.13 (2018): 3718-3730.

The researchers demonstrated that targeted nanocarriers that deliver a combination of immune-modulatory agents can remove protumor cell populations and simultaneously stimulate antitumor effector cells. The anti-ROR1-28z CAR and the anti-EGFRvIII-28z CAR were custom-designed by Creative Biolabs.

  • Cao, Yaqing, et al. "Anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T cells in combination with nivolumab are safe and effective against relapsed/refractory B-cell non-hodgkin lymphoma." Frontiers in oncology 9 (2019): 767.

The authors demonstrated that the combination of CD19 CAR-T cells and nivolumab was feasible and safe and mediated potent anti-lymphoma activity. Creative Biolabs helped transducing the T cells with a lentiviral vector containing a CAR with a CD3-zeta domain and a 4-1BB (CD137) domain.

SECTION 2: Products for CARs/TCRs Development [Top]

Creative Biolabs provides the most complete collection of products for CAR-T/TCR-T cell development, including but not limited to CAR/TCR vector products, CAR/TCR viral particles, transposon systems, immune cell products, and kits for T/NK cell culture & isolation, CAR construction & transfection, virus packaging, and CAR-T cell testing.

  • Batchu, Ramesh B., et al. "Engraftment of mesothelin chimeric antigen receptor using a hybrid Sleeping Beauty/minicircle vector into NK-92MI cells for treatment of pancreatic cancer." Surgery 166.4 (2019): 503-508.

The authors provided proof of concept that allogeneic mesothelin-CAR NK-92MI cells with hybrid Sleeping Beauty and minicircle technologies provide increased engraftment and cytotoxicity in vitro with potential safety benefits when translated to the clinical arena. The pSB11 transposase vector and pDonR-SB transposon were both obtained from Creative Biolabs.

  • Picanço-Castro, Virgínia, et al. "Establishment of a simple and efficient platform for car-t cell generation and expansion: from lentiviral production to in vivo studies." Hematology, transfusion and cell therapy (2019).

The authors demonstrated the feasibility of producing CAR-T cells in an academic context and can serve as a paradigm for similar institutions. The pCAR19, and LentiArt™ Virus Packaging Kit (containing LentiArt™ pHelp1, pHelp2, and pHelp3) were both obtained from Creative Biolabs.

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