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TCR Clinical Therapeutics

As a biotechnology company at the forefront of immunotherapy development field, Creative Biolabs provides TCR clinical therapeutics services. Our experts can construct TCR targeting antigen of your interest, engineer T cells and also perform the validation assessment of TCR-engineered T cells. Our procedures can meet the rigorous quality control standards which make our products qualified for both the preclinical and clinical trials.

T cell, also known as T lymphocyte, is a type of leukocyte and it plays critical roles in cell-mediated immunity, playing an important role in defense against diverse tumor cells and pathogenic organisms inside biological body. Although T-cell function is regulated by means of plenty interactions with other cell types and soluble factors, the T-cell receptor (TCR) is the only structure on the T-cell surface that defines its antigen-recognition potential. Consequently, autologous or donor-derived T-lymphocyte populations can be equipped with a TCR of defined specificity in short term ex vivo cultures, and re-infusion of the redirected cells would be used as a strategy for the immune therapy against various cancers and infection diseases. In this immunotherapy strategy, TCR gene transfer would permit the instantaneous generation of defined T-cell immunity and therapeutic quantities of antigen specific T cells can be created within a short period of time. Moreover, TCR gene therapy would allow the introduction of TCRs which have specificities that are not present naturally, and thereby provide a strategy to circumvent the limitation of the endogenous T-cell repertoire.

With a deep understanding of the principle of TCR gene transfer therapy, Creative Biolabs has great technical power and enriched experience to offer customers top-quality TCR clinical therapeutics services. Based on a great amount of research, scientists of Creative Biolabs have generated a series of TCR constructs, either isolated from certain donor people or constructed by using recombinant technology. And we are capable of engrafting those TCRs onto T cells or invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells to generate modified T cells with desired specificity and efficacy. Our TCR platform can be widely applied for immunotherapy of various human malignancies, autoimmune diseases and viral diseases or multiply animal models researches and clinical trials.

Creative Biolabs is promoting the translation of high quality immunotherapy technology from laboratories into clinical trials around the world, and it’s our pleasure to offer you the best service in order to greatly accelerate your researches.

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All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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