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Transgene Expression Assay

Creative Biolabs possess unparalleled experience in T cell receptor (TCR) developing and analysis, and now provides a sophisticated transgene expression assay to help customers evaluate TCR gene transfection efficiency. We can deliver the reliable data and comprehensive analysis report with detailed procedures and appropriate graphs and calculations.

Transgene Expression Assay

Nature Reviews Cancer,2013

Adoptive transfer of T lymphocytes is a promising treatment for a variety of malignancies but often not feasible due to it currently requires the custom isolation and characterization of tumor-specific T cells from each patient-a process that can be not only difficult and time-consuming but also often fails to yield high-avidity T cells. Recently, the genetic introduction of T cell receptor gene into T cell has been developed as a strategy to induce defined antigen-specific T cell immunity, which is also known as TCR gene transfer therapy and has shown great potential in treating various types of diseases, especially cancers. Compare to the traditional adoptive T cell therapy, TCR gene transfer therapy has a significant advantage that it allows autologous T cells with a defined specificity to be generated in a much shorter time period. However, one difficulty in the field of TCR gene therapy is that the TCR-transduced T cells are often of lower avidity than the parental T cell from which the TCR was derived due to failure to achieve wild-type levels of TCR expression. Moreover, acquisition of potentially problematic specificities due to mispairing of introduced TCR chains with endogenous is another long-standing problem in TCR gene transfer therapy. Therefore, it is quite necessary to assess the gene expression after transferring TCRα and TCRβ genes into T cells, in order to develop functional T cells with disease-targeting TCR.

For evaluating TCR gene transfection efficiency, Creative Biolabs offers a series of validation assays, such as the transgene expression assay. To achieve the best outcome, the expression level of TCR gene should be checked at different stages during the whole process of TCR engineered T cell therapy, including post-transfection with TCR gene, cell preparation and clinical treatment period. Thus, the classic measurements including western blot (WB), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), flow cytometry (FCM), immune-histochemical (IHC), etc. are integrated for this purpose, which can be designed according to client`s requirements.

Creative Biolabs has developed a solid and broad range of assay services for TCR construction and validation. With strong Ph.D level scientist team and state-of-the-art analytical instruments, we are capable of performing transgene expression assay in the most time and cost effective way.

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