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TCR Validation

Creative Biolabs offers a series of assay services for TCR validation. In order to obtain high quality TCR-modified T cells prior to scientific studies, preclinical researches and clinical trials, a serial assays related to TCR construction are needed. Transgene expression, cytokines release, TCR/CD3ζ stability etc. are performed so as to evaluate the TCR gene transfection efficiency and the reactivity of engineered lymphocytes to antigen. With advanced technologies and experienced researchers, scientists from Creative Biolabs can design and operate a full range of validation assay services according to your T cells engineered objective.

Our TCR validation services include but are not limited to:

TCR Transgene Expression Assay

Ideal gene transfer means that exogenous DNA can be incorporated into host genome and stable long-term expression. To ensure the best outcome, the expression level of TCR gene should be tested at different stages during the whole process of TCR engineered T cell therapy, including post-transfection with TCR gene, cell preparation and clinical treatment period. Generally, the methods include western blot (WB), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), flow cytometry (FCM), immune-histochemical (IHC), etc.

Lymphocyte Culture and Proliferation Assay

The failure of T cell proliferation and persistence in response to tumors is one of the reasons that immune systems are unable to eliminate cancers. In the strategy of TCR gene therapy, sufficient amount of activated T cells is crucial to perform effective immune responses. Trypan Blue staining and CFSE-based flow cytometry are the generally used methods to access cell activation and proliferation.

Cytokines Release Assay

The level of cytokines released by modified T cells is one of the indicators reflecting the functional activity of T cells in vivo. The cytokines mainly are IFN-ɣ, IL-12 and GM-CSF. And the widely used methods include enzyme-linked immuno spot assay (ELISpot), intracellular cytokine staining assay (ICS), and flow cytometry.

TCR/CD3ζ Stability Assay

Increased stability of the TCR/CD3complex contributes to the enhanced antitumor response activity of T cells. The TCR/CD3 complex stability assay can be achieved via immunoprecipitation (IP) and immunoblot.

TCR Pairing

In the process to assess TCR pairing, flow cytometry-based FRET, immunoprecipitation, western blotting and probes-based approach can be used.

Lymphocyte Antigen Reactivity and Cytotoxicity

The cytotoxicity of modified T cells can be measured by the chromium release assay and the calcein-AM release assay.

Animal Experiments

Creative Biolabs provides multiple animal models for the in vivo function and safety evaluation of T-cell receptor (TCR) gene transfer therapy.

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