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CAR-Macrophage Assays

All products and services are For Research Use Only and CANNOT be used in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

As a world-renowned service provider for immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs has successfully established genetic engineering Chimeric Antigen Receptor Macrophage (CARMA), aiming to improve the ability of CAR cells to attack solid tumors. Here, we have updated a comprehensive set of CARMA functional assays to meet our clients' academic or clinical purposes.

CARMA is an innovative and exciting therapeutic technology that uses unexpanded fresh T cells and other mononuclear immune cells to respond to cancer cells. Animal studies have shown that by producing a large number of targeted immune cells and delivering them to cancer cells, it effectively kills targeted cancer cells with high specificity and appears to be a safe and effective cell therapy for solid tumors. Therefore, further development of CARMA could be useful on several therapeutic fronts, which has the potential to provide cell therapies with fewer adverse events than traditional cell therapies.


We offer CARMA based assays to support customers' flexible choices.

  • Bead engulfment assay--CAR expression validation

    To assess engulfment of macrophages expressing the appropriate CAR, we use silica beads of diverse diameterscoated with a supported lipid bilayer as the engulfment target. To further validate the ability of CARs to redirect primary macrophages, ourengineeredprimary macrophages is ready for Carma expression, and we will evaluate the engulfment efficacy of the transfected primary cells.

  • Bites assay--CARMA specificity and function measurement

    To assess the antigen specificity of CARMA, we incubate CARMA in our extensive antigen pool to detect which antigens CARMA most likely to bite. It's worth noting that our expertise enables the design of custom antigens to meet your specific research needs. To further define the capabilities of CARMA, an assay for the capacity of CARMA-expressing macrophages to bite variably sized target beads will be performed. Creative Biolabs possess highly specific beads above background engulfment ranging from 2.5 mm to 20 mm in diameter.

  • Eating assay--Phagocytosis test against the target cell

    To assess CARMA engulfment towards a cellular target, CRAMA internalized eating of the target cell will be tested by incubating the CARMA with target cells that express high levels of endogenous antigens. To enhance the whole cell eating, our talent technicians will design specific strategies to improve the efficiency of whole eating, from chimeric antigen receptors to antibodies.

  • Confocal imaging

    All images in the CARMA assay will be performed using an environmentally controlled rotating disk confocal microscope (Nikon Ti-Eclipse inverted microscope with Yokogawa rotary disk unit). For bead internalization measurements, we use 40×0.95 N/A air objective to capture images and use the High Content Screening (HCS) Site Builder for unbiased real-time image acquisition. In addition, we also use the 100×1.49 N/A oil immersion objective to obtain additional images. All images will be acquired using an AndoriXon EM-CCD camera.

  • Quantification of whole cell internalization

    We inoculate macrophages into glass bottom MatriPlate. Prior to imaging, LPS will be used to stimulate the macrophages and then quantify their beads engulfment. Delay analysis is essential to ensure that beads appear to be viable prior to engulfment by the macrophage.

  • Quantification of bites internalization

    During live cell image acquisition, GFP-positive macrophages will be selected by the presence of GFP signal. A full image comprising the entire cell will be captured using 1 mm steps and then manually inspected for internalized beads. Cells containing one or more bites of fully internalized beads>1 mm in diameter are scored as positive.

  • FRET assay

    FRET has become a powerful tool for detecting nanometer-scale distance changes of biological macromolecules in living organisms and has been widely used in cell physiology research and immunoassay. Our FRET assay allows you to detect the interactions between the molecules you are interested in.

CAR-macrophage services and related assays are Creative Biolabs's CAR-based cell therapy proprietary services. Our experienced scientists will greatly facilitate you to achieve highly unmet needs, particularly in cell therapy. Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.

All products and services are For Research Use Only and CANNOT be used in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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All products and services are For Research Use Only and CANNOT be used in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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