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Lymphocyte Culture and Proliferation Assay

Creative Biolabs provides lymphocytes culture and proliferation assay platforms to ensure our TCRs products have responsive and reliable characteristic. For each project, we perform the whole analysis procedure in the most time and cost effective way.

Lymphocyte culture and proliferation assay

Nowadays, T-cell receptor (TCR) gene transfer has developed as a promising therapeutic strategy for adoptive tumor immunotherapy which shows desired specificity and efficacy target various cancers. TCR-modified T cells works by recognizing tumor associated antigens and promoting T cells proliferation via T cell receptors in the engineered signaling domains, resulting in launching a strong immune response against disease-related tissues. And a key feature of the adaptive immune response is the ability of clones of antigen-specific lymphocytes to rapidly proliferate and differentiate into effector cells. Thus, to monitor an immune response, it is of great importance to have procedures that can follow lymphocyte proliferation. What’s more, it is well documented that during tumor progression, the failure of T cell proliferation and persistence in response to tumors results in the incapability of immune systems to eliminate cancers. Therefore, sufficient amount of activated T cells is crucial to perform effective immune responses and it is necessary to assess the lymphocyte proliferation to make sure those engineered T cells has right specifity against tumors. Usually, lymphocyte proliferation assay measures the ability of lymphocytes placed in short-term tissue culture to undergo a clonal proliferation when stimulated in vitro by a foreign molecule, antigen or mitogen.

Scientists from Creative Biolabs with rich experience are dedicated to accomplishing each lymphocyte culture and proliferation assay in high quality. As the starting material for constructing TCR-modified T cells, T lymphocytes , such as antitumor-reactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs), stimulated peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL)) or cell lines are maintained in optimized conditions prior to transfection with appropriate approaches. Furthermore, a series of validation assays are carried out to evaluate the function of engineered T cells. In order to study the proliferation of transduced cells, CFSE-based flow cytometry combined with Trypan Blue staining is used to analyze cell proliferation and viability respectively. CFSE has been found to be particularly effective at monitoring lymphocyte division in many experimental situations and it has a significant advantage that it can be used to track lymphocyte migration and positioning within tissues and lymphoid organs due to the ability to stably label molecules within cells, with each cell division resulting in a sequential halving of fluorescence.

Based on our unparalleled platforms and professional services of TCR modified T cells, Creative Biolabs can provide tailored assay solutions to meet every client’s needs.

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