ECIA™ B Cell ELISpot Assay

Membrane molecules on the surface of B cells have been playing critical roles in the process of differentiation and function execution. B cells not only are significant antigen presentation cells in the system of immune regulation but also can perform a function of specific humoral immune through generating antibodies.

B cell analysis is essential in two industrial fields: for vaccine design, the characteristics of antibody response or protective antibody response mediated by B cells in patients should be measured and clearly illuminated when a vaccine is put into the market to defend from the probable infections. For the protein therapeutic development, B cell mediated unfavorable immune response such as ineffective therapy, causing damage to patients and producing anti-drug antibodies in the autoimmune system should be illuminated.

Compare to ELISA or other assays, B cell ELISpot focuses on the antibody-secreting cell. It can identify and enumerate the number of antibody-specific cells (ASCs) and those secreting antibodies to a specific antigen with high sensitivity in cellular level.

Therefore, B cell ELISpot assay can be utilized to detect the distribution of antigen-specific B cells in lymphoid tissues and the characteristics of vaccine-induced antibody responses. And this assay is widely applied in detecting the effects of disease, drug therapy and other factors on the frequency of a responsive memory B cell.

Creative Biolabs has developed ECIA™ B cell ELISpot assay service platform to solve the problems:

Creative Biolabs offers optimized ECIA™ B cell ELISpot assay service platform to save your time and money. Our Ph.D. level scientists will perform the standardized experiment of ECIA™ B cell ELISpot assay in the most efficient way.

Upon receiving of your requirement, our experts will engage themselves with your project quickly, design tailored and advanced protocol of ECIA™ B cell ELISpot assay, and come up with a complete quotation including assay design, cell preparation and shipping, the cellular assays and the final data report. Customers can order single cellular analysis service or any step from the whole antigen assay program.

The general steps of ECIA™ B cell ELISpot assay service

ECIA™ B cell ELISpot assay services include but not limited to

The Protocol of B Cell ELISpot Fig.1 The Protocol of B Cell ELISpot.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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