Therapeutic Antibody & Protein Production

Creative Biolabs can offer you a full development package from proof of concept through to cGMP scale up in mammalian or microbial systems to produce recombinant proteins and biopharmaceutical antibodies.

 For theraputic antibodies:

We offer integrated type of services for antibody production in antibody engineering, monoclonal production and cGMP scale up manufacturing.

We are experienced in providing our clients with services including antibody sequencing, scFv/Fab production and humanization for antibody engineering. Sequencing is quite important for patent issues and therapeutic approval; we have developed technologies to convert full monoclonal antibodies from a hybridoma cell line into single chain antibody fragments, which can be expressed in E. coli or CHO cells; humanized antibodies can reduce the human anti-murine antibody response (HAMA) and have a greater half-life in vivo.


 For recombinant proteins:

We provide technical capabilities to help our clients to accelerate their drug development process and make breakthrough discovery in a rapid and cost effective fashion. Our staff have decades of experience in the expression of recombinant proteins for Western pharmaceutical research organizations or companies.


All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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