T4 Phage Display Library Construction on Highly Immunogenic Outer Capsid (HOC)

Scientists from Creative Biolabs are glad to present our exclusive service of T4 phage display library construction by fusing interest molecules to highly immunogenic outer capsid (HOC) with our elegant technology platform.

Phage display is one of the classic laboratory techniques for antibody engineering, protein-protein interaction analysis, epitope mapping, and so on. A foreign peptide, domain or protein is genetically fused to certain phage capsids and exhibited on the outer surface of the phage particles. Conventional filamentous phage display system meets drawbacks for display of large domains and full-length proteins mainly due to membrane secreting procedure as well as the impacts of recombinant capsids upon viral productivity and viability. However, bacteriophage T4, which features distinctly from M13 filamentous phage, provides a promising display platform to solve these problems.

T4 phage display employs two non-essential capsid proteins as fusion partners, HOC and SOC. HOC (highly immunogenic outer capsid) is a dumbbell-shaped monomer located at the center of each gp23 hexon, around 155 copies per phage. According to sequence analysis, HOC consists of three Ig-like domains and one C-terminal non-Ig domain, resulting in high immunogenicity even without adjuvant. HOC is unique to T4-like phage and is dispensable for capsid assembly. Unlike SOC, functional modules of HOC have not been clearly characterized. Yet there is one hypothesis that HOC could reversibly bind to host bacterial surfaces to enable better attachment during infection.

HOC makes a suitable vehicle for phage display in many aspects. The major advantages of T4 phage display on HOC over conventional phage display methods including but not limited to:

T4 phage display by fusing to HOC provides an excellent rich-binding platform which enables displaying large full-length proteins at high density. It has proved the great potential for scientific and pharmaceutical applications, particularly multicomponent vaccine design and cancer therapy. Various macromolecule complex has been successfully exhibited on HOC with intact structure and high copies. Our seasoned research teams in Creative Biolabs are able to generate HOC-fused antibody and peptide libraries satisfying every specific demand from clients, and we are glad to provide a one-stop solution based on different research goals. As one of the forward-looking scientific organization as well as a long-term market leader in the field of phage display and antibody manufacturing, Creative Biolabs guarantees our clients the highest quality and most competitive price.

T4 Phage Display Library Construction on Highly Immunogenic Outer Capsid (HOC)

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