Vaccine Technology

Vaccine technology has evolved significantly in the last decade. To accelerate response time to emerging threats, develop vaccines against difficult targets, Creative Biolabs offers a full range of vaccine design and production services. We combine the traditional and the most updated genetic engineering technologies to efficiently produce highly immunogenic vaccines addressing urgent unmet medical needs.

Customized Vaccine Design

We provide advanced custom vaccine design for your specific requirements that covers pathogen/target including Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, Parasites and Cancer Markers.


Creative Biolabs assists vaccine researchers and manufacturers to explore and leverage a full range of adjuvants during the early stages of vaccine development.

Vaccine Analytical Development & Qualification

We develop analytical tools and optimize key assays to help your products reach important milestones faster and effective.

Cancer Vaccines

Creative Biolabs provides cancer vaccine related services and products according to customer's detailed requirements.

Formulation Development

To make vaccines ready for quick deployment, and improve delivery systems for maximum potency, our scientists provide custom formulation optimization services to fill your gap.

Process Development & GMP Manufacturing

As a leading service company, we offer our clients advice on process development and we also partner with multiple commercial cGMP facilities for large scale vaccine production.

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