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At Creative Biolabs, we strive to bring new ideas and solutions to our technologies and products. Our scientific experts can provide comprehensive and reliable solutions to help our customers excel in their research. We believe when curious, courageous, and collaborative people like you are brought together, we can make a huge difference in the development of innovative medicines.

Strategy and Sales Manager, Vaccine Development
New York, United States / Sales

Strategy and sales manager in vaccine development is the primary point of contact for our external customers. The focus of this position is to provide comprehensive consulting services to customers, acquire new client relationships, and maintain overall relationship development for acquired clients. In addition, this position requires the candidate to work with lab leadership to continuously update offerings and develop sales strategies to drive growth for the vaccine businesses.

Principal Scientist, Special Vaccine Technology
New York, United States / Scientific/Labs

This position requires rich experience in vaccine development. The principal scientist needs to be familiar with the process of vaccine development, experienced in vaccine project design, and capable of experimental team formation and laboratory management to help Creative Biolabs expand the vaccine contract research business.

Senior Scientist, Vaccine Development
New York, United States / Scientific/Labs

This position is mainly responsible for the preclinical development of vaccine projects. The ideal candidate should have strong molecular biology skills, including but not limit to vaccine design, cell culture, immunoassay development, virus rescue, and virus propagation. The candidate will be responsible to plan and prepare for experimental studies, maintain detailed records of the work, and timely communicate results with the research group.

Project Manager, Vaccine Development
New York, United States / Scientific/Labs

The candidate will need to support the development of vaccine preclinical projects. This position plays an important role in the full lifecycle of project development from researching, tracking, and qualifying new opportunities and building relationships with current/potential clients and strategic partners, providing them with effective solutions, supervising project progress, and managing records and data documents.

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