Suspension Culture for Porcine Parvovirus Vaccine Production

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Porcine Parvovirus (PPV)

Porcine parvovirus (PPV) causes reproductive failure in pigs and is characterized by embryo and fetal infection and death, usually in the absence of external maternal clinical symptoms. This virus is ubiquitous in pigs all over the world and is endemic in most of the tested pigs. This disease occurs primarily when seronegative dams are exposed to the virus at any time during the first half of pregnancy, and the conceptuses is subsequently infected through the placenta before they become immunologically active. Diagnostic investigations have shown that PPV is the main cause of infection in embryos and fetal death. In addition to its direct causal role in reproductive failure, PPV can also enhance porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) infection in weaned piglets with multiple system failure syndrome (PMWS).

A 3D model of the parvovirus.

Fig.1 A 3D model of the parvovirus.

Porcine Parvovirus Vaccine

There was no treatment for PPV-induced reproductive failure. The use of vaccines is the only way to ensure that gilts develop active immunity before pregnancy. Inactivated and modified live virus vaccines have been developed. Vaccines are widely used in the United States and several other countries where PPV is considered to be an economically important cause of reproductive failure. All federally-licensed vaccines listed in the United States are inactivated.

Suspension ST Cell Culture for Porcine Parvovirus Vaccine Production

Swine testis (ST) cells have been considered to be one of the cell lines most suitable for producing vaccines against porcine parvovirus. The micro-carrier adherent culture production method utilizing an ST cell line to culture the porcine parvovirus has already been developed, but it has some defects: 1) Micro-carriers are difficult to reuse repeatedly, leading to high production cost; 2) The culture density of adherent cells is limited by the adherent area, resulting in low yield of the viruses; 3) The adherent culture generally needs serum to help the attachment and growth of the cells and needs to change the media, so the process is complicated; 4) Mycoplasma, chlamydia or animal protein may be introduced to cause the pollution, thereby posing a potential threat to the safety of vaccine products.

Creative Biolabs has developed a range of low serum or serum-free media for full suspension culture of ST cells. The media supports the high-density full suspension culture of the ST single cells, greatly shortening the time for educating the ST cells from the serum adherent cultured cells to the serum-free full suspension cultured cells. This media has been tested for its ability to support high-density suspension cultures of ST cells adapted from adherent culture platforms. This is a complete media that will support growth of ST cells without further supplementation.


  • Full suspension for seed batches, expansion and manufacturing;
  • Serum-free culture;
  • Exclusive ST suspension cell line;
  • Exclusive suspension media;
  • Suitable for the production of porcine parvovirus NJ strains.


  • Low cost: low serum, no micro-carriers, low labor cost;
  • Easy to operate with high stability: no need to change media;
  • Low side effects: low impure protein;
  • High yield: Viral titer is 4-6 times higher than roller bottle culture;
  • Suitable for large-scale production: Automated bioreactor.

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