Suspension Culture of Insect Cells for Subunit Vaccine Production

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Baculoviruses are a diverse group of DNA viruses that infect more than 600 species of insects. Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) is the best characterized and most widely used. It has a 134 kb circular double stranded DNA genome that replicates in a biphasic manner and produces two virion phenotypes during the infection cycle. AcMNPV has been developed as a biological control agent and a protein expression vector.

Baculovirus as a Vaccine Vector

Baculoviruses infect insects in nature and are non-pathogenic to humans and are therefore considered as an excellent tool for the production of recombinant proteins in insect cells. Baculoviruses can not only transduce insect cells but also transduce a wide range of animal cells. Due to its large cloning capacity, low cytotoxicity, biosafety, ease of manipulation and production, as well as non-replicating properties in transduced cells, baculoviruse has been used as RNA interference mediators, gene delivery vectors and for vaccine vectors.

Schematic diagrams of the structure of baculovirus occlusion bodies (OB), occlusion-derived virion (ODV) and budded virion (BV).

Fig.1 Schematic diagrams of the structure of baculovirus occlusion bodies (OB), occlusion-derived virion (ODV) and budded virion (BV). (Au S. 2013)

Baculovirus-Insect Cell Expression System for Subunit Vaccine Production

Recombinant baculoviruses are attractive for high-level production of large eukaryotic proteins and has been extensively utilized for the production of many recombinant proteins and commercial vaccines.

  • Baculovirus cloning capacity is as large as 38 kb, thus allowing for the insertion of multiple genes and regulatory elements.
  • Baculovirus neither replicates inside the transduced cells nor integrates its DNA into host chromosomes in the absence of selective pressure, hence easing the safety concerns.
  • Baculovirus expression system also exhibits abundant yields with proper glycosylation and other modifications pivotal to immunogenic potential.

Serum-Free Suspension Insect Cell Line Culture for Subunit Vaccine Production

The development of a serum-free suspension insect cell culture process is very important for recombinant subunit vaccine production. Creative Biolabs has developed an animal origin-free formulation, a complete serum-free, protein-free medium for robust cell growth, protein expression and baculovirus vector production for a wide range of insect cells such as Sf9 and High5. These insect cell line in serum-free media show great potential for recombinant subunit vaccine production.


  • Full suspension for seed batches, expansion and manufacturing;
  • Exclusive suspension insect cell line;
  • Exclusive serum-free suspension media;
  • Suitable for a variety of insect strains such as Sf9 and High5;
  • Ideal for subunit vaccine production using baculovirus-insect cell expression system;
  • Optimized for production of subunit vaccines, virus-like particles, and gene therapy vectors (rAAV - all serotypes).


  • Works with a wide variety of baculovirus and host cell platforms;
  • Low cost: low serum, no micro-carriers, low labor cost;
  • Easy to operate with high stability: reducing the burden of downstream purification process;
  • Low side effects: low impure protein;
  • High antigen content: completely meet the requirements for the semi-finished product of the antigen;
  • Ideal for scale-up manufacturing.


  1. Au S. (2013). “Baculovirus nuclear import: open, nuclear pore complex (NPC) sesame.” Viruses. 5(7): 1885-900.

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