Vaccine for House Dust Mite Induced Allergic Asthma

Creative Biolabs is committed to helping customers streamline the development of vaccines, compress the cost of vaccine development, and address the various issues customers faced in developing vaccines. We have more than 10 years of service experience and our research team is composed of global vaccine specialists. Assisting customers in developing vaccines against allergic asthma caused by house dust mites is one of our specialty businesses.


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Dust mites are one of the most common mites and are highly pathogenic asthma allergens, which are often found in the housing of asthma patients. In the classification, it belongs to the arachnid, which resembles a spider. Currently, there are about 50,000 species of mites, but only house dust mites, dust mites, and worm mites are related to human allergic reactions. House dust mites can be mixed with dust, with dust flowing in the air, becoming lifetime allergens entangled with asthma patients all year round. The cause of allergies caused by house dust mites is not that the living mites enter the human body, but the dead bodies, feces, eggs, and detached hulls, are inhaled into the human respiratory tract with floating dust. The incidence rate of allergic asthma induced by dust mites is very high. It is reported that more than 60% of bronchial asthma patients in Germany are associated with dust mite allergy, while the skin test results of children with asthma show a positive rate of 89.4%.

Vaccine for House Dust Mite Induced Allergic Asthma

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At present, the methods for treating allergic asthma caused by house dust mites include specific treatment and non-specific treatment, wherein the specific treatment is desensitization treatment using dust mite allergen infusion, that is, dust mite allergen immunotherapy. The effectiveness of immunotherapy for asthma has been controversial a few years ago, but with the availability of standard allergen extracts, significant progress has been made. Dust mite allergen immunotherapy can effectively improve the symptoms and lung function of patients with dust mite allergic asthma. After long-term treatment, it can also reduce airway hyperresponsiveness, inhibit delayed asthmatic reaction, and improve patients' resistance to dust mites. Pre-seasonal immunotherapy can be used for patients with seasonal dust mite allergic asthma, and routine conventional immunotherapy is required for patients with perennial attacks. There are currently dozens of allergen infusion preparations for treatment, and several of them have been approved by WHO or FDA.

Our Services for Vaccines Against House Dust Mite Induced Allergic Asthma

  • Standardization of allergen extracts
  • Optimization of use of standardized extracts
  • Modify as well as improve quality of extracts
  • Efficacy and safety evaluation of vaccines against house dust mite induced allergic asthma
  • Custom vaccine development designs and solutions

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