Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs) Platform for Vaccine Design

Scientists' efforts in vaccine development have never stopped. With the expansion of the national immunization program, vaccination with one vaccine to provide protection against multiple pathogens has become one of the focus of vaccine research. The basis for this is effective antigen display and presentation. Creative Biolabs takes advantages of OMVs from bacteria and has developed a corresponding platform which serves as a promising vaccine development platform, providing a powerful tool for vaccine development.

Outer Membrane Vesicles

OMV- Creative Biolabs

In order to communicate with each other and with the host or other microorganisms, the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria secretes a kind of functional lipid vesicles- outer membrane vesicles (OMVs). Many Gram-negative bacteria spontaneously release outer membrane vesicles (OMVs). OMVs are involved in the tracking of bacterial cell signal biochemicals, and such communication is widely found in animals, plants and even humans. Most importantly, OMVs are able to display antigens on the surface in a native conformation, ensuring the immunogenicity of the antigen and having a self-adjuvant effect, in addition, such OMVs can also be taken up by immune cells. Therefore, the idea of developing OMVs as vaccines has attracted more and more research.

Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs) Platform for Vaccine Design

OMVs have many obvious advantages as vaccines, but only by properly addressing the following issues can the strengths of OMVs as a vaccine platform be better utilized. These problems include low expression of protective antigens, reactogenicity of PAMPs such as LPS, irrelevant immune responses due to immune-dominant antigens, and molecules that cause immunosuppression or interference with protective immune response. Creative Biolabs conducted a comprehensive analysis of these problems, selected, modified, and developed bacterial strains to optimize the OMVs production process. Combining these efforts with the epitope prediction, screening, and modifying techniques we have been good at, we have developed a performance-optimized OMVs platform that significantly increases the expression level of the antigen of interest and effectively eliminates immunological interference or reactivity. substance. In addition, our experience in Multiple Antigen Display Technology could be feasibly applied to the OMVs platform, and the resulting OMVs platform can also display a variety of antigens to prevent multiple infectious diseases. This is also a breakthrough attempt to adapt to the vaccine development trend.

Features of OMVs Platform

  • Ability to display proteins with a natural conformation
  • The potential to elicit both humoral and cellular immune responses
  • Could evoke innate immune response
  • Robust immunogenicity and self-adjuvant effects
  • Multiple antigen compatibility
  • Appropriate size that can be effectively processed by antigen presenting cells

Creative Biolabs has been involved in vaccine research for more than a decade. We have a world-class, specialized vaccine research team that is excel in the entire process of vaccine development and the issues that should be noted in every aspect. We not only have the ability to provide professional technical guidance and services to our customers, but also developed a series of high-quality vaccine research platforms, which will make your vaccine research more convenient and more effective.

All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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