Antibody-antigen Fusion Technology for Cancer Vaccine

Creative Biolabs has been working on vaccine development for more than a decade. Our company is an international company with comprehensive research and development platforms, complete vaccine development systems and a team of scientists from all over the world. Our specialist scientists are capable of offering custom conjugation of antibodies to antigens, either antibodies from our catalog or as a stand-alone service for customer-supplied material.

Antibody-antigen Fusion Technology – Creative Biolabs

Antibody-toxins Conjugates

An effective cancer vaccine must be capable of generating potent anti-tumor immune responses and overcoming the mechanisms of tolerance mediated by the progressive tumor itself. At Creative Biolabs, we conjugate antibodies that target specific antigens (usually tumor-associated antigens) to proteins that amplify immune responses or induce direct damage to cancer cells to form antibody-antigen fusion proteins.

We enhance the efficacy of antibodies to eliminate cancer cells by binding antibodies to immunotoxins, which derive their potency from the specificity of toxins and their antibodies or attached antibody fragments. We can work with our clients to combine our tumor-targeting antibodies with engineered toxins to achieve precise destruction of cancer while minimizing damage to normal tissues.

Antibody-cytokines Conjugates

Cytokines, which modulate the balance between cell-based and humoral immune responses, are important in cell signaling and immune system. The reasons for the poor efficacy of cytokines for the treatment of cancer are side effects and poor pharmacokinetics. Creative Biolabs uses antibody-cytokine fusion proteins that are expected to significantly enhance the therapeutic index of cytokines by targeting cytokines to disease sites. This increases the local activation of the immune system in the tumor microenvironment and supports the elimination of cancer cells through the body's own immune defenses.

Antibody-antigen-adjuvant Conjugates

Antibody-antigen conjugates promote antigen presentation by targeted delivery of antigens to specific regions, representing a powerful vaccination approach. Creative Biolabs uses an antibody-antigen conjugate in combination with an adjuvant to achieve antibody-mediated co-delivery of antigen and adjuvant with the following advantages.

  • Reduced adjuvant dose
  • Reduced side effects
  • Ensure that only APCs that absorb the delivered antigen are activated

Antibody-antigen Fusion Technology – Creative Biolabs

Features of Our Services

  • Customized conjugation ration and scale
  • Professional technical support
  • Performed by experienced conjugation scientists
  • Fast manufacturing cycle
  • Low production cost with high-quality
  • Reusable and suitable for other proteins

Creative Biolabs has always been serving vaccine researchers worldwide with its professionalism and service awareness. We are committed to offering high-quality antibody-antigen fusion services to customers worldwide. Our antibody-antigen fusion services can be performed as part of our vaccine development program or as a stand-alone service. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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