Custom GMP-grade mRNA Synthesis Service

Creative Biolabs is able to produce custom-made synthetic mRNAs from milligrams to multi-grams, ranging in length from a few hundred nucleotides to more than 10 kilobases. Together with the large number of modified nucleotides we have, we can maximize the development of your mRNA vaccine. We offer a wide range of post-transcriptional modifications, various purification options, and an analytical service suite. Your success is very important to us and we are very proud to offer GMP-grade mRNA manufacturing for your vaccine needs. Customers can provide well-designed mRNAs or our scientists can guide you to the best design for your specific application.

Custom GMP-grade mRNA Synthesis Service – Creative Biolabs

Our Services

Creative Biolabs’ mRNA vaccine development is complemented by decades of experience in mRNA process development and manufacturing. We focus not only on quality and speed but also on scalability and cost, thus we ensure that your vaccine development is supported in the most effective way. Our comprehensive quality control and quality assurance systems ensure a robust manufacturing process, superior and consistent batch-to-batch quality, and regulatory compliance. The full service includes:

  • Scalable and high-quality mRNA manufacturing meeting various requirements.
  • All mRNAs lengths ranging from a few hundred up to several thousand bases.
  • Both research-grade or GMP-grade mRNA can be customized.
  • Different scales: from milligram to multi-gram quantities.
  • Large collection of modified nucleotides.
  • Different post-transcriptional modifications, such as DNase and phosphatase treatments, enzymatic capping, and polyadenylation.
  • Numerous purification options, such as liquid chromatography isolation, silica gel purification, and high-performance liquid chromatography.
  • Standard analytical service suite.
  • Scalable and standardized processes.
  • Sterility and bioburden controls.

Production Steps

Custom GMP-grade mRNA Synthesis Service – Creative Biolabs
1. Synthesis of synthetic DNA
2. Plasmid cloning
3. Plasmid purification
4. Full DNA sequencing documentation
5. PCR amplification of insert, purification and characterization
6. In vitro transcription
7. Purification and characterization


Custom GMP-grade mRNA Synthesis Service – Creative Biolabs
  • Functional synthetic mRNAs
  • Custom tailored support to meet specific needs
  • Standard or custom QC and QA
  • High quality products and services with competitive prices
  • Multiple complementary services
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • cGMP Manufacturing that is fully traceable

How do I get mRNA synthesis advice?

When ordering mRNA synthesis services, please provide target mRNA sequence or length, base composition or modifications, desired 5' and 3'-UTR sequence, plasmid map, scale, and other valid information.

Contact us today to receive technical advice and exclusive offers directly to your inbox. Our technical support team will review and provide a quotation within 3-5 business days.

Our services are for research use only. We do not provide services directly to individuals.

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