Biomaterial-based Implantable Cancer Vaccine

Creative Biolabs, as a leading CRO in the vaccine industry, has a series of advanced platforms and technologies that can help customers develop high-quality vaccines. Designing and developing cancer vaccines based on degradable biomaterials is one of our superior technologies, and it is believed that it will become a powerful tool for successful cancer vaccine development.

Biomaterials' Potential in Vaccines

Biomaterials have been widely used in medical fields such as heart valves, but have been relatively late in the development of vaccines and immunotherapy. However, it turns out that biomaterials can better control vaccine release, enzyme degradation, and can manipulate the immune system's response in extreme environments. Targeting is a crucial issue in cancer treatment. Biomaterials can help in many ways. For example, biomaterial-based drugs can be directed to a homing signal (such as a cancer cell-specific molecule), allowing the drug to dock on cells with matching molecules. This high degree of targeting can reduce the side effects of treatment options such as chemotherapy. In addition, biomaterials can also take advantage of the human body's innate ability to fight cancer cells. Previous studies have shown that by combining biological materials with immune cells, especially T cells that can recognize cancer cells, the inherent antitumor response of T cells can be improved.

Creative Biolabs’ Biomaterial-based Implantable Cancer Vaccine

Biomaterial-based Implantable Cancer Vaccine The basic principle of cancer immunotherapy is to use the monitoring and clearing functions of the human body's own immune system to restore or enhance the ability of immune cells to recognize and fight cancer cells. In this process, targeted delivery of cancer vaccines to corresponding antigen-presenting cells (APCs) will greatly enhance the efficacy of the vaccine. Creative Biolabs has developed a programmable biomaterial using tiny mesoporous silica rods (MSRs). When injected into the skin, it can spontaneously assemble into a three-dimensional scaffold that attracts and stimulates dendritic cells (DC). In addition, since polyethyleneimine (PEI, a polymer used to deliver DNA and proteins to cells) is considered to have an immune-stimulating effect, coating MSRs with it can achieve two purposes: 1) it can absorb multiple peptides at any time, and no further modification is required regardless of their inherent properties; 2) PEI can be accepted by DCs with peptides, and enhance the antigen presentation effect of DCs and subsequent tumor-directed cytotoxic T cell responses. When tumor neoantigen was introduced into this biomaterial scaffold and implanted subcutaneously, it was found that a single injection of the vaccine can clear the tumor metastasis and provide the intensity of the immune response equivalent to multiple injections of the tumor vaccine. In addition, when combined with immune checkpoint therapy, this biomaterial-based vaccine can broadly increase tumor-killing T-cell activity, while simultaneously enhancing the effects of the vaccine and checkpoint therapy.

Our Services for Development of Biomaterial-based Implantable Cancer Vaccine

  • Neoantigen or neoepitope prediction
  • Design and development of biomaterial-based implantable cancer vaccine
  • Development of vaccine formula
  • Potency and safety evaluation of vaccine candidate

Creative Biolabs has the world's leading technical team and factory equipment to ensure the high-quality completion of each project of the customer. To better serve customers and achieve the goal of healthy humanity, we have developed multiple advanced technology platforms based on the latest scientific research progress, aimed to design better and safer vaccine products.

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