epiVacKit-Epitope-driven Vaccine Design Toolkit

Epitope-focused vaccine is a promising vaccine design that predicts potentially immune protective epitopes through bioinformatics, greatly reducing the time, effort and cost of the investigator as well as improve the success of vaccine development. Creative Biolabs, a specialist in the vaccine industry for more than a decade, continues to update the latest vaccine research techniques based on the experience of traditional vaccines. We creatively combine and improve the newly bioinformatics with traditional experimental methods to achieve time-saving, costs cutting and labor liberating as well as retain the accuracy characteristics of the experimental methods in vaccine design and evaluation, all of which guarantee the success of vaccine development to the utmost extent.

Epitope-driven Vaccine

Whole inactivated vaccines, live attenuated vaccines, and subunit vaccines obtained from pathogens were once the mainstream of protective vaccines, but these vaccines are often accompanied by safety concerns. The development and cross-combination of bioinformatics and immunology have led to the strategy of using B cell or T cell epitopes that can elicit potent immune effects as an essential component of vaccines. In addition to the characteristics of definite ingredients, minimum but high potency and safety, epitope-driven vaccines also perform well in saving time, reducing costs, and liberating labor. The key to developing epitope-driven vaccines is the elaboration of immune protection responses associated with pathogen infections. The establishment of link among epitope-specific responses, T cell memory, and immune protection responses is a prerequisite for the design of such vaccines. At present, most laboratories believe that the immune protection against pathogens requires the generation of a broad T cell responses to different epitopes based on available research data. In fact, T cells are recognized as essential mediates for exerting the competence and persistence of humoral immune as well as cytotoxic responses. With the rise of epitope-driven vaccines, bioinformatics methods combined with immunology have also been greatly developed. Algorithms for epitope prediction emerge in an endless stream, but the accuracy among them varies a lot. Noteworthy, the slight difference in predicted epitopes will have a huge impact on the cost and time commitment of subsequent studies.

From genome to vaccine. – Creative Biolabs

Fig.1 From genome to vaccine.


epiVacKit is an integrated epitope-focused vaccine design tool developed by Creative Biolabs’ scientists based on a quantitative matrix-driven method with consideration of the effects of geometry and electrostatics on the binding of epitopes to MHC molecules, which greatly improved the accuracy of the algorithm, and a large number of experimental data also proved the excellent performance of epiVacKit. As a convenient and powerful epitope-driven vaccine design tool, epiVacKit integrates a variety of algorithms for predictions of helper T lymphocytes epitopes, cytotoxic T lymphocytes epitopes, B cells epitopes, and interferon-inducing epitopes. It is worth mentioning that epiVacKit also integrates the detection of homology between the predicted epitope and the human genome to avoid autoimmunity. According to the specific needs of customers, epiVacKit can help users to customize potentially successful vaccine candidates for reference based on prediction of epitopes and detection of possible allergenicity. The entire toolkit is powerful and easy to use, taking into account all aspects of vaccine design and meeting high-throughput needs, helping researchers save time and money while gaining valuable vaccine design strategies.

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  • Epitope-driven vaccine design with powerful epiVacKit
  • Epitope synthesis and purification
  • In vitro and in vivo evaluation of epitope-driven vaccines
  • Vaccine adjuvant selection and formulation optimization
  • Small- or large-scale vaccine manufacturing

Epitope-driven vaccine combines safety and high immunogenicity with simple preparation and low cost, making it the darling of vaccine design. At present, the epitope vaccine design tools on the market are mixed, and the inaccuracy of the upstream epitope prediction will have an adverse impact on the effect of the subsequent vaccine. Therefore, the design of a highly potential epitope-driven vaccine puts high demands on the accuracy of the predicting algorithm. Creative Biolabs' vaccine development team includes experts from the fields of immunology and bioinformatics. Combining with their experience in vaccine development, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed a design tool with an excellent performance in epitope-driven vaccine design that will be a powerful aid for your epitope design.

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