Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Strategy for Universal Vaccine

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The difficulty in developing vaccines against infections caused by influenza, HIV, and hepatitis viruses lies in the fact that these viruses mutate very quickly and can thus evade the body's immune response. According to the computer simulation results in his mathematical model, Michael Meyer-Hermann believes that there are two types of epitopes in the virus, one is dominant epitopes presented on its surface and the other is low accessible epitopes hidden deep in the virus. The latter is often the most conserved molecular structures of the virus and the region to which broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) bind. Because bNAbs bind to a structure that the viruses rarely mutate, they can attack multiple strains of the pathogen and exert neutralizing effects. Therefore, the induction of bNAbs has become the main goal of vaccine research and a strategy for the development of universal vaccines.

How to Induce Broadly Neutralizing Antibody

Injecting bNAbs into uninfected monkeys can prevent them from contracting HIV. This is a realistic basis for the protective effect of bNAbs and the fundamental for using bNAbs strategy to develop universal vaccines. HIV-infected people naturally produce small amounts of bNAbs, and they usually don't show up until a few years after the initial infection, which means these bNAbs have little effect in helping to suppress the viruses. In addition, children of women infected with HIV can produce more bNAbs. And according to the computer simulation results of Meyer-Hermann and his conjecture about the dominant epitopes and low accessible epitopes of the virus, a mechanism for generating bNAbs was proposed. That is, a large number of pre-existing antibodies against dominant epitopes in the body may prevent the production of bNAbs. To generate new and optimized antibodies against epitopes that are not readily available, B cells must return to the germinal center in the lymph node for retraining. Therefore, only when the dominant epitopes are covered can B cells have the opportunity to generate bNAbs that can bind to conserved epitopes hidden deep in the virus.

So, there comes the strategy that is injecting antibodies against dominant epitopes to shift the formation of B cells to those hidden and low accessible epitopes to produce bNAbs.

Potential uses for broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs). - Creative Biolabs

Our Services to Support the Strategy

  • Production of cGMP-compliant antibodies
  • Animal experiments including feeding, immunization, bleeding, monitoring, tissue extraction, etc.
  • Potency testing using ELISA, ELISpot, HPLC, PCR, etc.
  • Design of universal vaccine by complementing vaccines with antibody cocktails covering dominant epitopes
  • Vaccine preparation and evaluation services

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All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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