Multiple Antigen Display Technology for Vaccine Design

One of the focuses of vaccine research is to achieve efficient delivery of antigens. Current major delivery systems include biological carriers and chemical carrier delivery systems, while in biological carriers, in addition to the relevant advantages of viral vectors, bacterial vectors also possess the advantages such as convenient to construct, culture, having natural adjuvant effects, and the like. The development of vaccines that prevent multiple diseases is also an important goal of vaccine research. Creative Biolabs has developed a multiple antigen display technology that utilizes the strengths of bacterial carriers and enables the prevention of multiple diseases, providing a powerful tool for vaccine development.

Bacterial Surface Display

Proteins or polypeptides are important therapeutic or disease-related substances. The display system is able to efficiently engineer and optimize the binding ability of the protein, and the protein on the surface of the host cell can be determined by bacterial display technology. More importantly, bacterial surface display can be used as a means of vaccine delivery, and there are many advantages to use antigen surface display technology to deliver antigens. One of them is that proteins expressed on the surface of bacteria can play an adjuvant effect, and second, the bacterial display system can express known antigen epitopes, and the entire bacterial cell can be used as a live vaccine.

Multiple Antigen Display Technology for Vaccine Design

E. coli- Creative Biolabs

Using bacterial surface display technology, and optimizing and engineering it, bacteria will become competitive vaccine candidates. Taking advantages of autologous transporters and applying them to bacteria surface displaying, we developed a bacterial multiple antigen display platform as promising multivalent vaccine production platform. Autotransporter is a protein associated with the virulence of Gram-negative bacteria. Its main function is to adhere and hydrolyze proteins. The reason for using it to develop bacterial surface display technology is that the protein can transport foreign proteins to the extracellular membrane and stably display them on the cell surface without the involvement of other proteins. Till now, more than 40 proteins with autotransporter characteristics have been discovered, of which E. coli AIDA-I is the most widely used. Using autologous transporters as vectors, our developed bacterial surface display technology is capable of displaying multiple antigens with high density and stability.

Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs) Platform for Vaccine Design

OMVs are able to display antigens on the surface in a native conformation, ensuring the immunogenicity of the antigen and having a self-adjuvant effect, in addition, such OMVs can also be taken up by immune cells. Therefore, the idea of developing OMVs as vaccines has attracted more and more research. Creative Biolabs takes advantages of OMVs from bacteria and has developed a corresponding platform which serves as a promising vaccine development platform, providing a powerful tool for vaccine development.

Advantages of Multiple Antigen Display Technology

  • Multivalent antigen presentation provides protection against multiple infectious diseases
  • Robust immunogenicity and self-adjuvant effects of bacteria
  • Multiple antigen compatibility
  • Nasal or orally administration can stimulate systemic and mucosal immune responses
  • Fast production capacity and low cost

Efficient delivery of vaccine antigens and the inclusion of multiple antigens as much as possible in one vaccine to achieve prevention of multiple pathogens has long been a goal of vaccine development. Creative Biolabs enjoys a high reputation in the field of vaccines, not only because of its advanced technology and platform but also its professional and rigorous attitude towards each business. Our multiple antigen display platform, developed independently by our own, provides reliable technical support for the rapid and low-cost development of bacterial vaccines.

All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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