Vaccine for Tree Nut Allergy

Allergen immunotherapy may be an effective option for patients with food allergy, and vaccines play an increasingly important role in the prevention and control of allergic diseases. Creative Biolabs is a world leader in the field of vaccine development. With our extensive experience and advanced platform, we are therefore confident in offering the best vaccine development services for allergic disease.

Background of Tree Nut Allergy

Vaccines for Tree Nut Allergy– Creative Biolabs

Tree nuts are one of the most common foods causing acute allergic reactions and nearly all tree nuts have been associated with fatal allergic reactions. Tree nut allergy affects approximately 2% of children and 0.5% of adults in the UK. Tree nut allergy is characterized by a type I IgE-mediated reaction induced by nut proteins. Allergic reactions to tree nut can lead to significant psychological burden as well as social and dietary restrictions that may affect the quality of life. The majority of allergens in tree nuts are seed storage proteins, including vicilins (7S globulins), 2S albumins, and legumins (11S globulins ). Other tree nut allergens include profilins, heveins and lipid transfer proteins, which are considered panallergens due to their widespread distribution in plants and have high IgE-mediated cross-reactivity with pollen and food homologues. So far, only a limited number of allergens in cashews, hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, and Brazil nuts have been identified (Table 1). These seed storage allergen proteins are more stable and resistant to proteolytic digestion compared to other proteins in these foods, which are thought to contribute to their allergenicity. There is high sequence identity between tree nuts, and even between tree nuts and some legumes and seeds, resulting in potential cross-reactivity between these allergens.

Table 1. Tree nut allergens.

Ana o 1
Ana o 2
Vicilin (7S)
Legumin (11S)
Cor a 1
Cor a 2
Cor a 8
Cor a 9
Cor a 11
PR-10 (Bet v 1 homologous)
PR-14 (LPT)
Globulin (11S)
Vicilin (7S)
Cas s 5
Cas s 8
Chitinase Ib
PR-14 (LPT)
Brazil nut
Ber e 1
Ber e 2
Albumin (2S)
Legumin (11S)
Jug r 1
Jug r 2
Jug r 3
Jug r 4
Albumin (2S)
Vicilin (7S)
PR-14 (LTP)
Legumin (11S)

DNA Vaccines for Peach Allergy

DNA vaccines are being studied for the treatment of allergies. DNA-based vaccines mainly target well-defined allergens, including multiple allergens in tree nuts. These DNA vaccines encoding allergens have several advantages, including low production costs, high safety, and relatively stable. In addition, due to high cross-reactivity between walnut and pecan, as well as cashew and pistachio, single vaccines can be used to treat two or more tree nut allergies.

Hypoallergenic Tree Nut Allergens

Another potential type of immunotherapy is to develop hypoallergenic tree nut allergens that avoid IgE reactivity and maintain T cell reactivity, thereby increasing the safety and efficacy of immunotherapy. Recombinant hypoallergens are produced by modifying amino acids in IgE binding epitopes in allergens, and these recombinant allergens show great potential in the treatment of tree nut allergy.

Our Services for Vaccine of Tree Nut Allergy

Creative Biolabs has a variety of mature and comprehensive platforms and technologies for vaccine development, and we are committed to providing the best solutions and customized protocols for vaccine design and development for tree nut allergy. We offer the following related services:

  • Identification of allergens epitope in tree nut
  • Cloning, expression, purification, and sequencing of recombinant major allergens
  • Evaluation and data analysis of the immune effects of candidate vaccine
  • Provide specialized vaccine development designs and solutions based on customer needs

Creative Biolabs is a world leader in the field of vaccine development and has been dedicated to vaccine design services for many years. We have experienced experts and advanced platforms that are able to provide excellent vaccine design and development services for allergic disease. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

Our services are for Research Use Only. We do not provide services to individuals.

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