Ty21 Based Vaccines for Cancer

How to effectively prevent, treat cancer and prevent cancer recurrence has always been key issues for scientists. Creative Biolabs has also done a lot of exploration in this area. Now we have established a comprehensive cancer vaccine research and service network covering a variety of cancers, various cancer vaccine technologies, and established a number of mature and complete cancer development platforms.


Salmonella typhi – Creative Biolabs

Immunotherapy using intravesical Bacillus-Calmette-Guerin (BCG) after transurethral tumor resection has been used as a standard treatment regimen for more than three decades, which can limit the recurrence of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer, but the problem with this therapy is that it can cause serious side effects. The precise mechanism of action of BCG in cancer control is unclear. They are able to participate in innate and adaptive immune responses, most notably the infection by BCG bacteria in the urothelium. And persistent BCG infection is also the reason that accounts for the serious side effect of the therapy. Therefore, seeking and using safer attenuated bacteria that are more capable of inducing a similar inflammatory response and an effective anti-tumor immune response is a problem that scientists are eager to address. An attenuated vaccine Ty21a from S. Typhi's Ty2 strain, which is used to prevent typhoid fever, is similar to BCG and is capable of producing a Th1-prone immune response. After several attenuating mutations, the survival ability of Ty21a in cells is greatly reduced, and thus the safety is greatly improved.

Design of Ty21 Based Vaccines for Cancer

The Ty21 vaccine has been inoculated to millions of people as a live attenuated bacterial vaccine and has been proven to be safe and well tolerated. We modified Ty21a bacteria to contain cDNAs responsible for tumor antigen targets. After the modified bacteria are orally administered, they pass through the gastrointestinal tract and are taken up by macrophages in lymphoid tissues. The subsequent expression of tumor antigens carried by the bacteria further induces the production of specific cellular immune responses against these antigens, and the resulting CTL will kill those tumor cells that express cancer antigens. The orally available characteristics of Ty21-based cancer therapies enable it to deliver antigens to most of the immunologically active organs in the body and produce strong T cell responses. In addition, the vector can also carry multiple tumor antigen targets and can also be combined with some immunotherapies. Compared with BCG, Ty21a can more effectively cause bladder tumor regression in the absence of survival of bacteria, and its ability to kill tumor cells is also demonstrated in vitro.

Features of Ty21 Based Vaccines

  • Ability to induce robust T cell responses
  • Capable of carrying a variety of tumor antigens as well as combining with immunotherapies
  • Plug and play
  • Short development timeline, robust production, and low cost

Cancer, a human health killer, has always been a problem that scientists are trying to overcome. Creative Biolabs has a highly professional and elite team that has conducted extensive and in-depth research on cancer vaccines and therapies. More than ten years of research experience has not only enabled us to establish a good reputation but more importantly, we have developed a series of comprehensive platforms that allow us to be more capable and confident in helping our clients develop vaccines!

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