Immunoplacental Therapy Development

Creative Biolabs experts in the field of vaccines. As a vaccine CRO company with a high reputation, we have a well-established system of vaccine development and production. We are not only proficient in designing and preparing vaccines against various infectious diseases but also have abundant experiences in developing cancer vaccines using our own extraordinary technologies. Immunoplacental therapy is one of our specialties in researching and developing cancer vaccines.


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Over the past few decades, immunotherapy has increasingly shown its enormous potential for treating cancer. Under normal circumstances, the immune system can recognize and remove tumor cells in the tumor microenvironment, and tumor cells can adopt various strategies to suppress the immune system, so that the immune system cannot normally recognize and kill tumor cells. One view is that this interaction between tumor and immune system can be called tumor-immune circulation, which can be roughly divided into seven parts: tumor antigen release, tumor antigen presentation, activation and initiating of effector T cells, T cell migration to tumor tissue, tumor tissue T cell infiltration, T cells recognize tumor cells and clear tumor cells. Any abnormality in any link may lead to immune escape of tumor cells. Therefore, the basic principle of tumor immunotherapy is to restart and maintain the tumor-immune circulation, and restore the normal anti-tumor immune response of the body to achieve the purpose of controlling and clearing the tumor.

Immunoplacental Therapy Development

Tumor immunotherapy includes monoclonal antibody-type immunological checkpoint inhibitors, therapeutic antibodies, cancer vaccines, cell therapy, and immunoplacental therapy. Immunoplacental therapy uses extractions of the chorionic villi from the placenta after a live full-term human cesarean delivery and then is then injected intramuscularly into the cancer patient. In 1975, Govallo discovered the role of placental tissue in the treatment of solid tumors and began using it for human experiments. The idea of this therapy is that pregnancy and cancer have many similarities in immunology, namely growth mechanism, antigenic determinants, immune escape mechanism, etc. The placenta also contains a large number of complement regulatory proteins, tumor-associated antigens, angiogenic factors, and defective mechanisms of apoptosis contribute to their survival. This physiological immunosuppression is a typical feature of pregnancy. Placental immunosuppressive factors protect embryos containing exogenous paternal antigens from rejection by the maternal immune system by naturally inhibiting cytotoxic immune responses. At this point, cancer also uses the same mechanism of immunosuppressive factors to support the proliferation of cancer cells and help tumor cells escape from the host immune system. Thus, immunoplacental therapy regards fetal allograft as a "pregnancy tumor" and expects to create an immune state similar to the spontaneous abortion of pregnant women in cancer patients.

Table.1 Antigens that are identical in cancer and placental tissue.

Melanoma survivan, CTA, glypican-3
Ovarian Bjorkland’s antigen, CA-125, LK-26, PLAP, CTA (SCP-1), AFP, HCG, CEA
Testicular Ki-1 (CD30) antigen, PLAP
Breast CA-125, CEA, PLF, CD46, PLAP
Colon 5T4 antigen, CEA, PLAP, CSA, SP1, HCG, HPL, survivan, AFP, FE, TF
Prostate CTA (prostate gene antigen (PAGE)), prostate stem cell antigen (PSCA), PSA, HCG
Gastric 5T4, PLAP
Lymphoma Ki-1 (CD30) antigen
Sarcoma CTA: (XAGE), SSX
Hepatocellular Glypican-3, CTA
Lung PLAP, CTA (MAGE, SP1), Ki-1 (CD30) antigen, CEA, HCG

Creative Biolabs always regards helping scientists develop vaccines as its highest mission. For this ambition, we have absorbed the cutting-edge technologies and tried a lot to put them into practice. If you have any needs and hope to solve problems faced in developing vaccines, we will assist you with top-level expertise!

All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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