Ag-Fc Fusion Protein Vaccine for Cancer

Conquering cancer has been the focus of attention of surgeons and scientists for a long time. To this end, the scientific community has carried out a lot of exploration and put forward many theories and effective strategies. Creative Biolabs has a first-class research team, based on cutting-edge research progress, we have developed a series of experimentally validated technologies and platforms for the development of various types of cancer vaccines.

Ag-Fc Fusion Protein Vaccine

Ag-Fc Fusion Protein Vaccine for Cancer

Safety and efficacy are the two most basic properties of a qualified vaccine. Traditional vaccines and protein vaccines often have difficulty balancing these two points. Protein vaccines have to add adjuvants to achieve high immunogenicity, and adjuvants are the chief culprit for most side effects. Cancer vaccines use the tumor cell-associated antigen to awaken the body's immune system against cancer. Conventional cancer vaccines are either protein / peptide vaccines based on tumor-associated antigens, which require the addition of adjuvants to enhance their effects, or vector (often viruses or bacteria) based vaccines, which often stimulate body to produce anti-vector immune responses.

Therefore, how to ensure the safety of the vaccine while guaranteeing its safety and simplifying the formulation of the vaccine has become a principle for designing vaccines. Ag-Fc fusion protein vaccine can solve the problem. Ag-Fc fusion protein vaccine is a recombinant protein produced by Creative Biolabs' excellent protein expression system, which is a fusion of a well-defined cancer antigen to an Fc fragment of a monoclonal antibody. The recombinant protein thus formed has two functional domains, an antigenic region capable of eliciting immunoprotection and an exogenous Fc region capable of targeting antigen-presenting cell surface receptors such as dendritic cells, and the exogenous property of Fc makes the fusion protein more immunogenic, which further increases the efficacy of the vaccine.

Advantages of Ag-Fc Fusion Protein Vaccine

  • Ability to accommodate multiple specific receptors on APCs
  • Exert efficacy through classical antigen presentation pathway
  • Elicit broad and balanced immune responses including Th1/ Th2 immune reactions (key for the clearance of cancer cells)
  • Extra safety profiles due to free-addition of adjuvants
  • Simplicity to manufacture and scale-up
  • Expandability for both prophylactic and therapeutic applications and for both pathogen-induced infections and cancers

Creative Biolabs is committed to helping customers develop safe, effective, and cost-effective vaccines. We have extensive experience and advanced technology platforms for the development of infectious disease vaccines, neurodegenerative disease vaccines, autoimmune disease vaccines, and cancer vaccines. If you have any needs or doubts about vaccine development, please feel free to contact us!

All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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All of our products can only be used for research purposes. These vaccine ingredients CANNOT be used directly on humans or animals.

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