Radiation Technology for Live Attenuated and Killed Vaccine

Creative Biolabs focuses on the development of new vaccines while still exploring new technologies to apply to the innovation and improvement of traditional vaccines. Live attenuated and killed vaccines are still an important part of the vaccine market, and they still play an irreplaceable role in combating infectious diseases such as caused by bacteria and viruses. But their safety is still a question worthy of criticism. Therefore, the improvement of live attenuated vaccines and inactivated vaccines is still an important research content.

Radiation Technology for Live Attenuated and Killed Vaccine

Use Radiation to Attenuate and Kill Virus or Bacterium

Live attenuated vaccines and inactivated vaccines still occupy a large proportion in the vaccine market and still play an important role in preventing infectious diseases. The traditional mutagenic methods for preparing attenuated vaccines include 1) repeated culture of bacteria or viruses to cause natural mutations. Due to the very low frequency of natural mutations, this method is often time-consuming and labor-intensive; 2) co-cultivation bacteria with mutagen, this method is not only inefficient and may be at risk of producing carcinogens; 3) the use of UV for mutagenesis or the construction of pathogen auxotrophs, the former is less effective than the radiation, while the latter can cause very limited mutated varieties.

Ionizing radiation has the ability to kill pathogenic microorganisms. The reason is that radiation has energy. It can travel through space in the form of particles or waves to break or mutate the DNA of viruses or bacteria and cause death or mutation of pathogens. Therefore, using different doses of radiation to treat pathogenic microorganisms can develop attenuated or inactivated vaccines. And the use of radiation to induce mutations is much better than traditional methods in terms of time, efficiency, and cost. Not only can it shorten the preparation time of vaccines by dozens of times, improve the preparation efficiency, and reduce the labor and material costs of research and development. In addition, it can avoid the use of some potentially carcinogenic substances or substances that may be harmful to the human body and difficult to remove at a later stage, which greatly increases safety.

Qualifications of Creative Biolabs’ Radiation Technology for Live Attenuated or Killed Vaccine

  • 60Co high dose irradiator
  • Superior dose selection capacity
  • Mutant selection
  • In vitro and in vivo screen for attenuated strain
  • Virulence testing
  • Genome sequencing
  • Vaccine formulation and evaluation

Creative Biolabs, who has rich experience in vaccine development, has never given up on the innovation of existing technologies. For traditional live attenuated vaccines and inactivated vaccines, in order to make up for the shortcomings of existing attenuating or inactivating technologies, we have conducted extensive research and launched a vaccine attenuation or inactivation method based on radiation technology, which has time and cost advantages unmatched by traditional methods. If you are interested in this content, please contact us!

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