Bovine Coronavirus Vaccines

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Bovine Coronavirus Vaccines - Creative Biolabs

Bovine coronaviruses (BCoVs) belong to the Coronaviridae family in the Nidovirales order which cause respiratory and enteric infections in cattle and wild ruminants. BCoV is a widely distributed pathogen that infects the upper and lower respiratory tract and digestive organs, causes neonatal calf diarrhea, bloody diarrhea in adult cattle (winter dysentery), and respiratory symptoms, including shipping fever in feedlot cattle. It is shed in both feces and nasal secretions and also infects the lung. It is a less frequent but nonetheless important disease in calves and deserves more attention than it has received in the past. Decreases in milk production in dairy cows with BCoV can result in serious economic losses.

Bovine Coronavirus Vaccines

Diseases caused by bovine coronavirus often leads to decreased milk productions, weight loss and sometimes death in cattle and calves. To prevent these, vaccines have been developed. Vaccination of healthy calves as an aid is an effective method to prevent the diseases caused by bovine coronavirus infection.

Modified-live BCoV Vaccines

There are intranasal, oral, and injectable vaccines available that protect calves against enteric disease caused by BCoV. The intranasal vaccine is specifically formulated to help reduce enteric disease caused by BCoV and delivers spot-on protection as part of a comprehensive vaccination protocol. It is safe for colostrum-fed calves and is the only intranasal vaccine for young calves proven to aid in the reduction of enteric disease caused by BCoV. Efficacy was demonstrated in beef and dairy calves 3 days of age and older, and also safe in calves 1 day of age. Another formulation comprises two forms, oral vaccination of newborn calves or IM vaccination of pregnant cows. Cow vaccination stimulates immunity, which is transferred to nursing calves via colostrum and milk. The vaccination should perform as soon as possible after birth into back of calf's mouth.

Inactivated BCoV Vaccines

A vaccine that mixed with inactivated BCoV, bovine rotavirus, and mineral oil as adjuvant to reduce the shedding of virus by calves infected with rotavirus or coronavirus. Before or after vaccination with this vaccine, no other vaccine should be administered within 14 days. Successful vaccination depends upon correct storage and administration of the vaccine, together with the animal’s ability to respond. A single intramuscular injection should be given at the side of the neck during each pregnancy at any time between 12 weeks and 3 weeks before calving is expected.

Besides, new form of vaccine was carried out to improve both the safety and the efficacy of a formalin-inactivated, oil adjuvant BCoV vaccine. The vaccine was prepared from BCoV-infected cells solubilized with Triton X-100 and mixed with an oil adjuvant. After administration, no adverse effects of vaccination on clinical manifestations and milk production were observed. It provides a safe and efficient vaccine to protect calves from bovine coronavirus.

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