Ciliate Expression System for Production of Biopharmaceutical Proteins

Protein expression is an important part of vaccine development. Creative Biolabs is a CRO with more than 10 years of experience in vaccine development, we have also launched a range of expression systems to meet the diverse needs of protein production. The Ciliate expression system combines cost-effectiveness with high performance and is a promising protein expression system.


Protein drugs can be divided into peptides, genetically engineered drugs, monoclonal antibodies, and genetically engineered antibodies, as well as recombinant vaccines. Compared with traditional small molecule drugs, protein drugs have the characteristics of high activity, strong specificity, low toxicity, clear biological function, and favorable clinical application. Moreover, the production of protein drugs is low in cost, high in success rate, safe and reliable, and is increasingly becoming an important part of pharmaceutical products. This demand has triggered a large number of research and development of protein expression systems. Currently used protein expression systems include bacterial expression systems, yeast expression systems, baculovirus-insect expression systems, mammalian expression systems, plant expression systems, cell-free expression systems, chloroplast genetic engineering system, filamentous fungal expression systems, and novel Ciliate expression system developed by Creative Biolabs.

Ciliate Expression System

Ciliate - Creative Biolabs

Bacteria and fungi have long been a major source of biological products, especially protein products. The improvement of high-yield microbial strains has gone through decades of efforts. Among them, E. coli and Bakers' yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which have a clear genetic background, are the most widely studied microorganisms and have been widely used in the production of heterologous proteins. However, protozoa which has been ignored for a long time also has great potential for application in biotechnology, and Ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila is one of them. It is a non-pathogenic, well-understood eukaryotic single-cell protozoan.

Microorganisms for expressing heterologous eukaryotic genes include bacterial and yeast expression systems with characteristics like fast growth rates, high yields, and baculovirus-insect cells and mammalian cells with slow growth rates, high production costs, but the ability to properly modify and fold proteins. Ciliate is a very promising protein expression system because of its simple nutritional requirements, fast growth rate, and having the ability of eukaryotes to post-translationally modify proteins. By improving T. thermophila strain, studying the mechanism involving regulation, controlling of protein synthesis, post-translational modification and sorting, optimizing the fermentation process, we successfully developed an excellent Ciliate expression system.

Strengths of the Ciliate Expression System

  • High yield, short cycle and low cost
  • Correct protein post-translational modification
  • Highly consistent glycosylation
  • Capable of secreting target proteins, simplifying the process of protein separation and purification
  • Safe

Creative Biolabs is known for its high-quality results presentation and perfect service attitude. The Ciliate expression system we developed is a new protein expression system that not only has the advantages of safety, simple production, high yield, but also has the ability to properly post-translationally modify proteins similar to that of eukaryotic expression systems. No matter what your needs for the protein of interest, we will design the most appropriate expression proposal for you!

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