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Anti-MAGEA3 CAR-T Preclinical in vivo Assay

Target Background

MAGEA3 (melanoma-associated antigen 3) is a member of melanoma-associated antigen family, and has a conserved MAGE homology domain (MHD: 116 aa – 286 aa). Notwithstanding the restricted expression only in immune privileged reproductive tissues (for instance, primary spermatocytes, spermatogonia and placental trophoblast), the normal function of MAGEA3 in healthy cells remains to be discovered. As a tumor-specific protein, MAGEA3 expresses exclusively and aberrantly on multiple tumors (melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, hematologic malignancies, etc.) excluding most normal somatic cells, and plays an active role in driving cancer and indicates poor prognosis. Therefore, MAGEA3 is an attractive immunotherapeutic target drawing paramount attention for the anti-MAGEA3 CAR-T cell therapy.

Structures of the two possible dimmers of MAGEA3

Structures of the two possible dimmers of MAGEA3
PloS one 11.2 (2016): e0148762

Anti-MAGEA3 CAR-T Cell Therapy

Since MAGEA3 plays a critical role in multiple human malignancies, a phase 1 clinical trial (NCT02203903) tries to apply expanded multi-antigen specifically oriented lymphocytes (tumor associated antigen lymphocytes, TAA-CTL) for the treatment of high-risk hematopoietic malignancies. Two other phase 1/2 clinical studies (NCT02111850, NCT01273181) test the transducer autologous peripheral blood lymphocytes (anti-MAGEA3 TCR engineered lymphocytes) for effective treatment. Creative Biolabs is dedicated to assisting researchers to initiate and develop the cutting-edge anti-MAGEA3 CAR-T cell therapy.

Animal Models for in vivo Study of anti-MAGEA3 CAR-T Cell Therapy

Creative Biolabs offers researchers almost all the animal models generated from the major techniques including the conventional carcinogen-induced models, the mosaic transposon- or virus-induced models, the transgenic models and the subcutaneous or patient-derived xenograft models for a variety of human malignancies. In addition, Creative Biolabs can also assist customers in creating clinically relevant animal models including but not limited to the above categories. You request, Creative Biolabs offers the best.

In vivo Assay Parameters and Techniques

At Creative Biolabs, we offer the most exquisite and comprehensive service platform for preclinical MAGEA3 CAT-T cell therapy research.
Efficacy Test
Tumor remission monitored by tumor volume recording or bioluminescence imaging and survival curve tracking
Viability and Bio-distribution Studies
Durability, GLP-compliant bio-distribution studies
Toxicity Evaluation
Pilot tolerability (MTD, The route of administration, Dose regimen/response/onset)
Clinical observation (body weight, feed consumption, ophthalmologic and clinical pathology)
Cytokine storm surveillance (fever, hypertension, prolonged cytopenia)
Complete necropsy, organ weight
Tumorigenicity study

Creative Biolabs outperforms the entire biotechnological community to back researchers with every resource for establishing the most reliable and subtle animal models in advance to help the customer achieve incredible disproportionate results and exponentially greater value. Creative Biolabs assists researchers in making the scientific history.


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