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Anti-CD44v7/8 CAR-T Preclinical in vivo Assay

Target Background

CD44v7/8 is another alternative splicing isoform of CD44 originally discovered as the lymphocyte homing receptor, which exists in a large range of isoforms functioning as a receptor for the glycosaminoglycan hyaluronan via variability in the pattern of glycosylation (both N- and O-linked) and of multiple splice variants. Since CD44v6 participates in a wide variety of bioprocesses such as cell-cell interactions, cell adhesion and migration, it involves in multiple cellular functions like lymphocyte activation, recirculation and homing, hematopoiesis, and especially tumor metastasis. Therefore, CD44v7/8 is regarded as a functional biomarker and therapeutic target for CAR-T cell immunotherapy.

Structure of the human CD44 hyaluronan-binding domain

Structure of the human CD44 hyaluronan-binding domain
Diagram created by Creative Biolabs based on data from Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology Communications 70.9 (2014): 1155-1161

Anti-CD44v7/8 CAR-T Cell Therapy

The studies of preclinical and clinical anti-CD44v7/8 CAR-T cell therapy has not been reported up to now. Therefore, Creative Biolabs helps researchers capture the brighter and prosperous future of anti-CD44v7/8 CAR-T cell therapy.

Animal Models for in vivo Study of anti-CD44v7/8 CAR-T Cell Therapy

Creative Biolabs offers researchers almost all the animal models generated from the major techniques including the conventional carcinogen-induced models, the mosaic transposon- or virus-induced models, the transgenic models and the subcutaneous or patient-derived xenograft models for a variety of human malignancies.

The various research applications based on animal models of primary cancers

The various research applications based on animal models of primary cancers
Quantitative imaging in medicine and surgery 5.5 (2015): 708

Furthermore, Creative Biolabs is always passionate about introducing our well-established animal models to in vivo tests of adoptive cell therapy and providing assistance in creating the most clinically relevant animal models with customized requirements. You request, Creative Biolabs offers the best.

In vivo Assay Parameters and Techniques

At Creative Biolabs, we offer the most exquisite and comprehensive service platform for preclinical CD44v7/8 CAT-T cell therapy research.
Efficacy Test
Tumor remission monitored by tumor volume recording or bioluminescence imaging and survival curve tracking
Viability and Bio-distribution Studies
Durability, GLP-compliant bio-distribution studies
Toxicity Evaluation
Pilot tolerability (MTD, The route of administration, Dose regimen/response/onset)
Clinical observation (body weight, feed consumption, ophthalmologic and clinical pathology)
Cytokine storm surveillance (fever, hypertension, prolonged cytopenia)
Complete necropsy, organ weight
Tumorigenicity study

Creative Biolabs is thrilled to find values in unexpected areas with original heart and innovations to write the CAR-T cell therapy an incredible scientific revolution.


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  2. Liu, Yewei, et al. "Mammalian models of chemically induced primary malignancies exploitable for imaging-based preclinical theragnostic research." Quantitative imaging in medicine and surgery 5.5 (2015): 708.

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