HARCS Cancer Transcriptome Assays

Monitoring cancer transcriptome changes and gene expression is an important tool for understanding cancer progression. This demand has led to the development of sequencing technology. Creative Biolabs tracks the world's research hotspots, brings together a team of professionals, and quickly developed the high-quality and powerful HARCS platform, an excellent tool for your transcriptome analysis to help you better meet the needs of cancer research.


Patient-oriented therapeutic strategies such as biomarkers are new ideas for treating cancer. Biomarker-based treatments are also an important way to increase the success rate of cancer drugs. Although there are already a large number of mutational information about different types of cancer, only a few can be used as effective biomarkers for cancer therapy. Because, among the cancer gene mutations that have been discovered, few functional mutations are obtained, most of which are functional deletion mutations. However, the frequency of specific loss-of-function mutations between cancers is not high, so statistically, a specific loss-of-function mutation cannot be used as a predictive biomarker. Screening for cancer biomarkers at the transcriptional level has significant advantages in identifying target biomarkers in cancer precision medicine. Since the transcriptome is the most direct downstream molecule of genetic variation, it can exhibit subtle changes in cells in cancer. Quantitative comparison of transcriptomes between samples yields suspicious information on the mechanism of occurrence of cancer and does not require consideration of complex conditions such as cancer mutations.

Resources and technologies for transcriptome modeling and phenotypic screening.

Fig.1 Resources and technologies for transcriptome modeling and phenotypic screening. (Jeong E, Moon SU,2017)

HARCS Cancer Transcriptome Assays

Most clinical studies use FFPE to fix tissue, but this usually makes the sample impure and causes RNA degradation. Creative Biolabs' HARCS platform captures the transcriptome of such samples and completes highly accurate and informative transcriptome sequencing data.

Features of HARCS Cancer Transcriptome Assays

  • Wide coverage and high resolution.
  • Multi-level transcriptome sequencing programs include transcriptome changes, specific cancer gene expression, discovery and performance analysis of miRNAs and non-coding RNAs in cancer transcriptomes.
  • Ability to sequence transcriptomes in different types of samples with high quality.
  • Rich database and powerful results analysis capabilities.

The development of next-generation sequencing (NGS) has greatly increased the speed of cancer sequencing research and significantly reduced costs. These advances in technology have expanded our understanding of cancer and accelerated the process of conquering cancer. Based on NGS, Creative Biolabs optimizes the technology to greatly improve the accuracy and breadth of sequencing, which can meet the diverse needs of researchers and also greatly simplify the flow path.


  1. Jeong E, Moon SU. (2017). “Transcriptome modeling and phenotypic assays for cancer precision medicine”. Arch Pharm Res. 40(8):906-914

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